Argan oil for hair loss – The benefits of using Argan oil for hair loss

Argan oil for hair loss

Argan oil for hair loss

If you have been noticing increased amounts of hair in your sink or stuck to your hair brush recently then it is time for a serious intervention before you actually start balding. An oil that is becoming more & more popular as a means to treat hair loss is by using Argan oil. In this post we’re going to discuss Argan oil for hair loss, the benefits & some of the best Argan oil to use. We’ve previously mentioned Argan oil in our best shampoo for hair growth for men post but lets hone in on Argan oil specifically.

Although Argan oil has been used to treat many skin diseases over the centuries, it is most commonly used today for treating hair loss. Argan oil benefits for hair loss are tremendous. Its natural properties have the capacity to treat hair follicles with natural phenols that help lead to healthy and thicker hair.

Argan oil for hair lossNumerous Argan oil benefits for hair loss

Argan oil benefits for hair loss include multiple strategies that combine to become a great hair loss fighting agent. Some of these include:

Promotes a healthy scalp

Dermatologists and skin specialists place great importance on maintaining a healthy and clean scalp. Not only does it help protect the hair from problems like dandruff but also helps deal with hair loss. One of the most common argan oil benefits for hair loss includes its ability to promote a healthy scalp environment that helps with the regrowth of hair

Argan oil stimulates hair growth

Among the many argan oil benefits for hair loss, this natural oil has the ability to accelerate the natural production of keratin, an element important for the growth of new hair. Keratin also helps make the hair soft and silky which means, not only will you be growing back hair, it will be gorgeous and healthy looking as well

Argan oil helps moisturize the scalp

Argan oil benefits for hair loss include getting rid of dandruff and other such scalp conditions that lead to hair loss. Argon oil works actively in reducing DHT containing scalp build up to reduce follicle damaging and enhance hair growth

Better blood circulation

When massaging argan oil on the scalp, you will automatically be allowing for increased blood circulation to the scalp. This helps the hair follicles grow healthy as adequate nutrients reach them timely.

Stabilizing hormonal levels

Of the many argan oil benefits for hair loss, it has the capacity to balance out the skin and scalp hormones. An imbalance of hormones leads to many scalp and skin conditions like acne. However, its active elements work towards maintaining and stabilizing hormonal levels to treat and prevent any such conditions from occurring

Argan oil helps reduce split ends

If you are already experiencing hair loss then chances are your hair has been thinning down very quickly, you could consider using a hair loss concealer if it’s too late but if you’re at the early stages using Argan oil for your hair loss could be the answer. It is important to know that thinning hair is most vulnerable to split ends and frizziness which in turn leads to further hair loss if not treated adequately. With Argan oil you don’t have to worry about this as one of the many argan oil benefits for hair loss include treating split ends and frizziness.

Using natural remedies to treat hair loss problems is the fasted way to ensure a healthy scalp and in turn promote healthy hair growth. Argan oil is known to harbor essential elements that promote a healthy hair growth without any side effects that factory made products occasionally come with. If you’re looking for some recommended Argan oil, consider Radha Morrocan Argan OilPURA D’OR Moroccan Argan Oil or the Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil as our favorites.

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