Best Beard Brush – Which is the top performer?

Best Beard Brush

Best Beard Brush – Which is the top performer?

Maintaining your beard can be a complex process. You need brushes, combs, balms, oils, conditioners, and more. The options for brushes and combs are vast, as are the debate points for which one is better suited for beard maintenance.

That said, what makes the best beard brush, the best? Well..We’re going to answer that & gives some recommendations on the best beard brush out there.

It starts with design. Beard brushes are meant for beards, not for all types of hair. Regular hair brushes do not have the bristle power or design to handle a beard. Beards need boar hair or horse hair that reaches down to the skin, can cut through knots, and will evenly distribute oils or balms.

The right brush can reduce split ends, keep your skin and hair moisturized, and prevent strays.

Good bristles will evenly distribute oils so that your hair remains healthy while training the beard hair follicles to grow in the same direction. This is imperative for new beard growers. Normally, the hair along the jawbone will grow in all manner of directions, and in all manner of thicknesses. You have to brush it regularly to train the hair to fall in line, to all grow as one.

Of course, all hair is different, so the types of extras like oils or conditions you use will vary based on needs. But the type of brush does not vary to the same degree. Synthetic fibers in normal brushes are mass produced and do not spread oils evenly in your beard. They also fail to weave their way into the hair roots, deep down onto the skin. This, as we have discussed, can leave your skin dry, your beard shaggy and unkempt, and your overall appearance leaving much to be desired.

Which beard brush is the best?

So which brushes on the market today are best suited for the needs of beards long and short, thick and thin? Below are five that rank among the highest options out there. However, if you don’t have the time to take a look through our 5 favorites, we recommend the Beard Brush for the Modern Gentleman by Liberty Premium Grooming as the best beard brush. Best Beard Brush

Beard Brush for the Modern Gentleman by Liberty Premium Grooming CoBeard Brush for the Modern Gentleman

Liberty Premium Grooming Co. has designed a beard brush, one which they claim is meant for the modern gentleman. This brush is among one the best on the market. The bristle quality and construction are top notch. Effective and efficient, this beard brush works on all lengths, styles, thicknesses, and more.


  • The bristles are legitimately made from 100% boar hair.
  • It reaches every bard follicle down to your skin.
  • It will evenly move oils through your beard no matter the length.
  • It will keep stray hair from straying too far.
  • It is among the highest rated brush online.


  • It is expensive.
  • It was made in China.
  • The brush is on the larger side so it is not something you can easily shove in your pocket and take on the go.

All in all a great beard brush, for more info click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page where they have a number of great reviews published for this outstanding beard brush.

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush for MenZeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush for Men

With firm bristles, this small brush comes all the way from Germany. This brush is intended for daily use, perfect for carrying around and brushing through your beard whenever the opportunity arises. It is designed to be gentle on the skin with the rounded bulb on the ends of each bristle, but be firm in getting through tangles.


  • It gently massages the skin beneath the beard to promote better hair growth.
  • It is travel sized so you can take it on the go.
  • There are three rows of boar bristles.
  • The brush is designed to soften tangles and be firm.


  • It is not really 100% boar hair like the advertisement claims. There are boar hairs inside the brush, which are 100% natural, but most of the bristles are synthetic.

This is a great beard brush & you won’t be disappointed if you with this one, click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page where you can find out some more info on this brush.

The Beardman Beard & Hair BrushThe Beardman Beard & Hair Brush

This brush is very popular among customers, with a nice package and decent efficiency.


  • This brush performs well even though the bristles are hard to the touch.
  • There is a nice canvas bag that accompanies any purchase so that you can carry around the brush on the go.
  • The price is incredibly low, so it is more ideal for people on a budget.


  • The bristles contain a lot of plastic filaments and are not 100% boar hair.
  • The brush starts to shed bristles during the first few uses.

For more info on the The Beardman Beard & Hair Brush click here & you can view some further reviews.

canyouhandlebar beard brushCanYouHandleBar’s Beard Oil Brush

This brush is meant for oils and designed for sporadic, on-the-go usage. This brush uses horsehair not boar hair. Horse hair has become quite popular among bear brushes. Perfectly small with a travel case, this is an ideal fit for those on the go.


  • It is better suited for men with shorter or thinner beards.
  • The horsehair distribute beard oil well.
  • There is a storage tin fit for travel, so that you are never without the brush.
  • It is softer to the touch compared to boar hair.


  • Because the bristles are so soft, they rarely make it down toward the skin or hair follicle. This is especially true of men with thicker beards.
  • It distributes oil, but the oils will not reach the skin, which then results in higher rates of dryness and dandruff.
  • This brush may be best suited for men with a shorter and thinner beard.

A great beard brush with a nice softer touch to it, all in all a good brush but perhaps not the best beard brush for those with really thick facial hair, for more info on the Canyouhandlebar beard brush click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

Bass Brushes Brush Classic Men’s Club StyleBass Brushes Brush Classic Men’s Club Style

This brush is one which is allegedly formed with boar hair and meant to perfectly smooth away any strays in your beard.


  • Price wise, this brush is inexpensive and affordable for everyday use.


  • The shape prevents this brush from being more versatile compared to other brushes on the market.
  • The performance is somewhat underwhelming. In fact, many of the bristles will fall out when used on thicker beards.
  • Most of the bristles are not actually boar hair, like they claim. Most of nylon, and a few boar hairs are put into the mixture.
  • The brush does not trap beard oils well or spread them evenly.

This is a really good looking brush & is priced fairly reasonably, unfortunately it’s not deigned the best for facial hair, but all in all is still a good brush that we’d happily use. If you want some more info on the Bass Brushes Brush Classic Men’s Club Style click here.

Overall, while the most expensive brush on this list, the Beard Brush for the Modern Gentleman by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. is the best one out there in our opinion. The performance means it will be one of the few brushes you purchase throughout the life of your board. It is well worth it all things considered.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best beard brush, let us know how you get on & if you use any of the suggested beard brushes.


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