Best Beard Dye – Safest & Easiest Beard Dye

best beard dye

Best Beard Dye – The Safest And Easiest Beard Dye

As you know on Get It Groomed we’re massive advocates of beards, we saw an advert the other day & all the men were bearded, besides one who had shaved his to appease his girlfriends parents who disprove, he was immediately fired by his bearded boss. It was hilarious & epitomized what we stand for here at Get It Groomed, although we’re not that extreme. One thing only a couple of us have attempted however is dying their beloved beard, in this post we’re going to discuss the best beard dye out there in our opinion & our experiences of dying your beard.

The best beard dye will depend on your goals, if you’re starting to gray in your beard & are simply looking for something to help cover the grays then the best beard dye for you will differ to someone looking to experiment with some crazy colors, we’ll discuss a few options below.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge & dye your beard, you can either choose a temporary dye or a permanent dye. When we say permanent, it’s not like getting a tattoo (we’re aware you can remove them these days) but you’ll have to deal with your new color for at the very least a couple of weeks depending on the length of your beard.

There are a number of beard dyes out there designed to wither help cover up grays like John Travolta does or you could go the whole hog & change your beard color completely like the Scottish comedian & actor Billy Connolly.

The best permanent beard dyes

We recommend the following beard dyes as the best beard byes out on the market.

best beard dyeJust For Men Mustache & Beard

Just for men is probably the most famous brand we recommend here. They have a number of sets designed for various shades including, dark brown, light brown, medium brown, black, a hint of grey & more. These kits are ideal if you know what shade/color you want to dye your facial hair.

The Brush-In Mustache, Beard & Sideburn sets are very easy to use, and last until your natural color grows back. The traditional shade dyes are different from the Just For men for hair, these sets are specifically designed for your facial hair, as they are more coarse & the tools included make it much easier for you to dye your beard & mustache with.

These kits are very easy to use & takes 3 simple steps:

  • Squeeze an equal portion of the color developer & color base into the mixing tray
  • Mix together using the provided brush
  • Apply as required.

mens beard dye
We really like these kits as they are ammonia free, which is very important as you are applying to your face, near your nose & mouth. The dye contain Vitamin E, Aloe & Chamomile which help to condition your hair as they dye it. All in all the Just For Men Mustache & Beard kits are easily one of the best beard dye kits out there, their reputation is second to none & with good reason, click here for more info on these kits.


just for men autostopJust for Men AutoStop

Another Just for Men product the AutoStop range is specifically designed to stop at your desired color. The AutoStop range isn’t designed for facial hair so check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients before use, however it does have some benefits, unlike the Mustache & beard kits you don’t have to mix in the color developer & color base, instead you get a pre-mixed formula in a tube. The kit also includes a brush in applicator that screws directly onto the tube for seamless application.

This dye lasts up to 6 weeks or until your natural color grows back, if you are new to hair dying, we’d highly recommend this dye as it has a number of benefits:

  • The no mix formula means less mess
  • The dye shuts off automatically once the desired color has been achieved meaning your beard will look more natural, it takes the guess work out of how long you should leave the dye on. This helps avoid over doing it & ending up with an unnatural look.
  • It’s so easy to use, the brush in applicator makes applying it an absolute breeze.

If you thought the first kit was easy to use the AutoStop kit has only got 2 steps, it literally could not be easier to dye your beard. The steps include:

  • Screw on the comb to the tube
  • Apply to your hair as required

For more info on the AutoStop range by Just For Men click here.

just-for-men-autostop-whats-in-the-box*please note the AutoStop kit is not designed for dying facial hair but we have personally used it with success

refectocil-color-kit RefectoCil

Refectocil prides itself as one of the most reputable tint creams in the world, it has been designed for dyeing beards, sideburns & even more intimate areas which we won’t talk about in this post. This is a good dye if you have more sensitive skin & comes in a number of colors. The dye is really good in that there are a range of colors available as mentioned.

You can buy one of their kits, which includes the their oxidant which they also sell separately, once you’ve bought on of their kits you can then pick & choose which colors to add. Users of Refectocil have also reported that you can also use something like hydrogen peroxide (3%) as a developer which is cheaper than their oxidant if you’d prefer.

refectocil-chestnut-beard-dyeThis dye typically takes only 10 minutes to develop and the color will last several weeks, typically until it grows out. The best thing about this beard dye is that it comes in a range of colors offering a complete line of tinting accessories, all you have to do is pick up 1 bottle of the oxidant that & then choose your colors which include:

For some of the more intense colors we recommend you use RefectoCil Blonde Brow first, this product will help lighten your natural color making the tint/color you add after more striking. It’s reported that you can also mix some of the colors if you want to get creative, for example if you’re looking for a more Auburn color you could mix the red & brown perhaps.

blackbeard for men beard dyeBlackbeard for Men

Blackbeard for men isn’t technically one of the best beard dye but is more of a Brush-On Beard Color (similar to mascara but for the beard) designed to get rid of unwanted grays. Marketing itself as a kind of pirate type product it’s actually pretty cool. Although as mentioned it’s not a dye, it has some advantages to it that beard dye does not. Blackbeard can be applied in seconds, promises less mess, no harsh chemicals & is gentle & non irritating.

In spite of the fact it’s not permanent like the above dyes it is water resistant & will typically last approximately 8-12 hours & it won’t let you down if you’re sweating or get stuck in the rain either.blackbeard hair colouring

BlackBeard is available in Dark Brown, Brownblack, Brown/Auburn & Black & you can buy it in a set of 3 equating to 40 ounces, this will typically last about 12 weeks which is actually longer than most of the permanent dyes will last before they grow out so you can see why we’ve included it in this list.

All in all we like the Blackbeard Hypoallergenic Brush-On Beard Color, is it the best beard dye out there, no, it’s not a beard dye but it stands up well to rain & sweat & could be a nice alternative to beard dye if you have sensitive skin, click here for more info on the Bleackbeard Brush-On color.

grizzly mountain organic natural beard dyeGrizzly Mountain Beard Dye

The Natural Beard Dye by Grizzly Mountain is an organic based beard dye that comes in 3 colors that is also 100% natural. This permanent beard dye contains no harsh chemicals & markets itself as all natural, meaning your chances of getting an allergic reaction are much lower than if you used a chemical based dye.

This dye is a bit different to the above in that it dyes your hair from the outside opposed to penetrating the hair follicle which is typical of chemical based dyes. This dye is also unique in that it colors your beard in line with how coarse it is, it doesn’t dye your hair a uniform color but instead similar to the Just for Men AutoStop will give you a natural looking color instead.

As well offering 3 different natural colors the company offer an organic base which is designed for men with very coarse beard hairs to use prior to one of their dyes to help the follicles absorb the organic dye. One thing to be noted is that this is one of the best beard dyes out their but a lot of individuals fail to realize that this is a natural product as such using one of the dyes alone won’t have the effect as a chemical alternative. In order for this product to be truly effective we recommend you use the organic base first, some people have commented on it’s effectiveness but fail to appreciate it’s a natural product & won’t dye your hair in the same way a chemical based beard dye will. grizzly-mountain-organic-base

This dye is very easy to mix & apply, all you need to do is mix 1-2 heaped teaspoons of the dye with boiling water until you get a consistency similar to toothpaste then apply with the provided brush, you then leave the dye on for 10-30 minutes, typically the longer it is on the darker your beard will get. Once you’re happy & the dye has been on for long enough you should wash with warm water & shampoo.

All in all this is one of the best beard dyes out there, it’s 100% natural & for that reason alone as well as the fact that it works it’s one of our favorites, click here for more info on the Natural Beard Dye by Grizzly Mountain Beard.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best beard dye, let us know how you get on & your experiences with coloring your facial hair, if you’ve decided on a beard dye you check out our how to dye your beard post.








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