Best Beard Soap – Which soap is best for your hairy face?

best beard soap

Best Beard Soap

When growing out a beard there are different stages during which you feel discomfort. As the hair reaches a certain length, it begins to beget itchiness, and using the wrong soap will serve to exacerbate this issue. Beard maintenance is a complicated process, one which involves a multitude of steps. One of those steps is the use of beard soap. Much the same as any other soap, the purpose of this product is to keep your beard hair clean, while ensuring the natural oils from the hair are not stripped. This keeps not only the beard hair, but the skin beneath the beard healthier.

Why is regular soap not effective? It dries out the skin and hair by removing the natural oils produced by the body. What’s more, in some cases the products contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to the overall health of your beard hair. Many generic soaps contain elements that strip away glycerin from your skin. This is replaced with a synthetic element your skin absorbs. Natural mixtures use organic oils so that they naturally detoxify your beard and reduce itchiness.

As you start using beard soap regularly, you will notice improvements in many areas. Eliminating harsh chemicals often masked inside normal soaps will allow your beard to grow faster, stronger, and longer than before. Your skin too will become much healthier.

Of course, there are many varieties available just the same as there are many varieties of regular soap. So which option out there is the best beard soap?

The five options below are a great place to start, however if you don’t have time to read through all five & want to cut to the chase, in our opinion the best beard soap is the Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Soap.

best beard soap


Rocky Mountain Beard SoapRocky Mountain Barber Company

The Rocky Mountain Barber Company sells a soap bar perfect for beards and the rest of you. This five in one soap bar works as a beard shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap bar, and face wash. You can use it all of you. It contains six essential oils including cedarwood, patchouli, and sweet birch. It is created from raw materials, all done by hand.


  • There are small soap crystals inside which give you a creamy, thick, lather.
  • You can choose from Birchwood or Cedar Spice smalls, one of which is heavy and the other of which is light. This alleviates issues of customers not liking the scents.
  • There are six essential oils inside.


  • Not a single negative review is out there. Customers enjoy having different scents from which to choose.

For more info on the Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Soap, click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page where it is usually on sale.

honest for men beard washHonest For Men Beard Wash  

Maple Hills Natural has a beard wash that prevents itching and flaking, with a natural blend of different oils and butters. This option alleviates all chemicals and therefore is healthier for your skin and hair. What’s more, the blend is designed to promote natural shine and keep hair from flying stray. It uses natural glycerin to keep your hair soft.


  • This product is completely natural, using only natural ingredients.
  • It creates a nice lather that keeps the beard free from flakes without naturally stripping oils from your hair.
  • The end result is a conditioned and softened beard.
  • It is free from paraben and phthalate.
  • The smell is a mixture of orange, lavender, and
  • The storage container is made from recycled paper.


  • The smell is quite strong. For men who are sensitive to smells or do not like scented soaps, this is not a good option.

All in all this is a quality beard soap that we also highly rate, if you want some more info on the honest for men beard wash soap click here where it currently has over 140 positive reviews, alternatively for even better value, click here where you can buy it in bulk with savings more than 25%.

Beard Balm soap by Leven RoseBeard Balm by Leven Rose

The Beard Balm soap by Leven Rose cleans your beard hair naturally without adding harsh chemicals. Keeping the natural oils and promoting good shine, you also get the added bonus of sandalwood scent. Made with natural ingredients, it comes in a refillable aluminum tin so you can get more soap whenever you run out and save the environment. By washing your beard only a few times per week, you get to lock in moisture.


  • It will soften and thicken your beard thanks to the many natural oils. This allows you to clean and manage your beard hair with ease.
  • It contains natural products to soften and condition coarse or rogue hairs such as castor oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.
  • It is 100% natural, free from artificial fillers, parabens, or GMO’s.
  • It will help combat brittle beards, itching, split ends, or dandruff.


  • For some users the sandalwood scent is too strong. That being said, there are other soap scents on the market.

For more info on the Beard Balm soap by Leven Rose click here to be taken to the Amazon product page.

Honest Amish Natural Beard SoapHonest Amish Natural Beard Soap

This soap is part of an old brand, one which has been around for quite some time and amassed many positive reviews. The brand is one which uses organic oils and butters in conjunction with local beeswax to ensure that beards are cleaned, hair is controlled, and moisture is retained. The recipe for their soap is intended to offer a natural scent while maintain control over fly away hairs. The brand is one produced with Amish culture intermixed, something you can rely upon for authentic beard maintenance.


  • It comes to you in a biodegradable container, like many of the other natural soaps out there, which makes it recyclable and environmentally friend.
  • It has a faint smell, nothing overpowering like other soaps, so the beard scent remains manly.
  • It is completely natural, without any fillers or harmful chemicals.


  • It does not clean to the same degree as some of the others. While it does not strip away oils, it does leave a bit of residue in place which offers beard shine and control.

For more info on the Honest Amish Natural Beard Soap click here, all in all we love this beard soap, Honest Amish again delivering a quality product & one of the best beard soaps out there.

sophisticated-beardsman-citrus-refreshSophisticated Beardsman Citrus Refresh

Sophisticated Beardsman has an exfoliating soap bar available in a citrus scent that cleans beard hair very effectively. This natural soap contain natural oils that leave your hair with a cleaner, slicker feel. This lets you brush it more easily. In being able to brush more easily, without the same hard tugging, you can reduce irritation, reduce skin itching, and reduce rashes.


  • The citrus soap is meant for your beard and body. The scent is unique, not offered in other soaps.
  • This soap naturally conditions your beard and keeps the skin protected.
  • You can alleviate dry skin and itchiness as your beard grows.


  • The orange scent is a big selling point for consumers, but unfortunately it washes out when you wash out the soap from your beard. This means you do not get to enjoy the fragrance long after the face.

For more info on this beard soap click here where you can find even more positive reviews.

Conclusion – The Best Beards Soap

Overall, the best beard soap in our opinion has to be the five in one Rocky Mountain Barber Company soap bar, alternatively if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, any of the above beard soaps could easily be considered the best beard soap out there, it simply comes down to personal preference. For us however the Rocky Mountain Barber Company soap bar is the best beard soap, not only does it work well to moisturize the skin and the beard hair, creating healthier, thicker, more cooperative hair, but you can use it on the rest of your body too. This enables you to get the most value for each dollar you spend, rather than buying separate soaps for body, hair, and beard.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best beard soap, let us know how you get on & if you’ve used any of the above mentioned soaps.

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