The Best Blade for Shaving Heads

best blade for shaving heads

The Best Blade for Shaving Heads

Shaving your head completely can be troublesome, before going ahead & purchasing a blade for shaving heads you need to look at the features of the available blades decide what’s important to you. In this post we’ll discuss the types of blades available & suggest what we believe to be the best blade for shaving heads. There are many benefits that come with owning a good head shaving razor especially when you want that clean shaved feeling on your head all the time. They save you money on barber visits, are convenient & you can use them as & when required.

The only thing we’ve found that can be an issue is when you’re shaving your head yourself you tend to nick yourself. Ideally your looking for a blade for shaving your head  that  will be user friendly and not overpriced. Whether you are a busy man or not, you do not want to spend an hour shaving your head, you need a blade that is both efficient and effective. The following are some of the features that you should look for when looking for a shaving blade specifically for your head:

Type of Blade

When shopping for the best shaving blade, the first thing that you should look at is the type of blade. The best blades are very hygienic and of premium sharpness, they are made from stainless steel. Different shaving machines tend to use different types of blades, you should consider this when you are out shopping for blades. If you are looking for a closer more intimate shave, you should go for the safety blades. They have great adjustability and can also be angled to offer some precision shaving. On the other hand, these days and with advances in technology we now have razors on wheels specifically designed for the head.  The Headblade sport razor is one of our favorites & is very popular for lone head shaving


If you are looking for the best blade for shaving heads, you need to keep the blades in working great by doing some proper maintenance. If you are using straight razors, you should always clean the razor lock system to ensure that you prolong the shelf life. Cartridge razors on the other hand are much easier to maintain; all they require are swapping of blades and quick rinses in between a few shaves. Whenever you are done using your blades, you should clean them with an antiseptic before you store them. This will help keep them germfree and will help avoid razor bumps & nicks

Corded and Cordless

When looking for the best head shaving blade, you should also consider whether you want an electric corded or cordless razor. If you have a specific place in your house for shaving, you can work well with an electric corded razor; albeit you wont get as close a shave as you would using a straight or safety razor. If you travel a lot & you want to be shaving on the move, we suggest a safety or wheeled razor. Think about how and where you will be using your shaving blade before you select one. When looking for the best blades, you should also consider the weight; shaving yourself with heavy blades can result to bad haircuts especially when you get tired.


If you are a ‘do it yourself’ kind of a guy, the best blade for shaving heads that we can recommend is the HeadBlade sport razor, this razor is designed specifically for shaving the head, it’s easier not to cut your head & you’ll get far less razor bumps. The only flaw with this razor is that it is a disposable razor, if you are more advanced in shaving your own head, we’d recommend using a safety razor such as the WEISHI Long Handle Open Double Edge Safety Razor, the long handle will help reach those difficult places on your head, it’s also reasonably priced.

Some other blades to shave your head that we recommend:

Smoothere Double Edge Safety Razor 

Luxrite Butterfly Head Safety Razor – Long Stainless Steel Handle 

Dorco Prime Double Edge Safety Butterfly Shaver Handle

Let us know your thoughts & if you’ve used any of the razors we recommend for shaving your head.

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