Best Fingernail Clippers [2016 Review & Guide]

Best fingernail clippers

best fingernail clippersTaking care of your nails is not only natural – it is healthy. Many problems are prevented by simply spending a couple of minutes trimming your nails – nail fungus, thick nails, and in-grown nails, one the best tools you can use is of course the trusty clipper, in this article we’re going to discuss the best fingernail clippers out there. Some of these problems are not too dangerous, while some are – the nail fungus is a serious threat that could pose a great problem for your health.

To prevent this, the nail clippers were invented – they are practical, easy to use, and affordable. Many manufacturers offer nail clippers with various features, such as an ergonomic design, precision blades, increased sharpness, and more.

best fingernail clippers

What are good nail clippers capable of?

Most households have at least a standard nail trimmer – whether it was a gift or a drug store purchase. There are several reasons why you should consider the better models of nail clippers, and throw away your earlier ones:

  • Accuracy

First of all, the better models of nail trimmers offer you more accuracy. This means that you will not need to fret about damaging your nail or cutting it wrong. Furthermore, the precise trimming allows you to perfectly shape your nail, so it can grow more naturally.

  • Durability

Secondly, the better models are more durable – regular nail clipper’s blades tend to get dull after several usages, making them less useful after a couple of trimmings. The better nail clippers are made of a top quality material that allows them to maintain their reliability for a long time.

  • Ergonomic design

Thirdly, they offer many special features – top models often come equipped with sharper blades, ergonomic design, and more additional attributes. The regular nail trimmers are usually made of simple materials for regular nails, while that is not the case with top models.

  • Affordability

Lastly, the top models are very affordable – the difference in price between the regular and top quality nail trimmers is usually only a couple of dollars. This is very important because the top quality nail trimmers are built to last and are superior in efficiency and reliability, while the standard ones are barely cheaper, but far inferior.

 Scissors versus Nail Clippers

Actually, the nail clippers are a substitute for the traditional nail scissors. There are some advantages and some disadvantages when we compare the two, but the nail clippers come on top when we look at the final result:

Advantages of nail clippers:

  • Practicality – the nail clippers are far easier to use than scissors as they are smaller, and adjust to the nail perfectly;
  • Speed – the nail clippers are faster because they snap the nails quickly;
  • Compactness – you can store nail clippers in a pocket-sized case, or you can store them practically anywhere due to their small size;
  • Efficiency – most right handed people tend to have problems with trimming their nails on it with scissors, while this is not the case with nail trimmers;

Disadvantages of nail clippers:

  • Scissors are more precise – using the scissors will always result in a smooth finish, while the nail clippers offer the same, but with more effort and attention;
  • The difference in feeling – The nail clippers “snap” the nails, while the scissors carefully trim them;
  • The finish – the scissors always leave a clean finish, while that is the case only with top quality nail clippers.

Top 5 fingernail clippers

best nail clippersHarperton Nail Clipper Set

The Harperton products are famous for their reliability, and this model is not an exception – they’re reliable and will get the job done. They have been awarded the number one place for a best seller in cuticle tools category, and one of the reasons for this is that they possess the ergonomic design.

This kind of design lets you clip your nails easier and faster because it cradles the fingers, making it practically impossible for you to hurt yourself. Overall, this product is very reliable, and the first place you want to start your search.


  • Number one best seller in cuticle tools category.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Phenomenal control.


  • The narrow opening makes these clippers quite hard to use on very thick nails.

For more info on the Harperton Nail Clipper Set click here, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product, all in all we rate this as one of the best fingernail clipper sets out there.

MRP Nail Clippers - FingernailMRP Nail Clippers

An outstanding pair of nail clippers that is efficient and reliable – MRP’s Nail Clippers offer one of the quickest and the most precise ways of cutting your nails.

A pair of nail clippers is supplied with the kit, so that you may best choose which one suit you better. However, most people will find little use for the smaller nail cutter, as the bigger is much more precise and powerful. Phenomenal value.


  • Comfortable to use;
  • Adaptable;
  • Stainless steel design;
  • Comes in a pair of two nail clippers;


  • Most people will regular nails will find little use of the second nail clipper – both are designed to be practical and efficient, while the pair is supplied for people with problematic nails;

For more info on the MR Nail Clippers click here, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product, all in all another great clipper that could also be considered the best fingernail clippers.

Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper SetTweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper set

Appealing and compact design make these nail clippers very valuable – the precision blades offer increased accuracy, so you don’t need to worry that you might hurt yourself, as these nail clippers are safe and efficient. Great value too.

So if there’s one thing that makes these puppies stand out so much, it’s the increased accuracy. If you want your clippers precise and on-point, this is your winning ticket!


  • Precision blades;
  • Durable;
  • Comes in a set;
  • Very accurate and durable;


  • The larger nail clipper is rather huge, making it impractical for people with small nails;

For more info on the Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper set click here, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product.

Sensible Needs Piranha Nail Clippers SetSensible Needs Piranha Nail Clippers

The Piranha nail clippers are very effective. They boast a phenomenal value, mainly because there are still no unsatisfied customers.

The super sharp blades are capable of trimming even the thickest nails, and the ergonomic handle makes the operation easy and natural.


  • Very sharp,
  • Ergonomic design,
  • An entire kit is supplied,
  • Durable and versatile,
  • Perfect for trimming and cutting of even the most delicate nails;


  • The nail clippers are top quality, but the nail buffer is not supposed to withstand prolonged use;

For more info on the Sensible Needs Piranha Nail Clippers click here, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product.

ISirius Nail Clipper SetISirius Nail Clipper set

One of the best grooming kit for professionals on the market. Compact and reliable, the ISirius nail clipper set is simply amazing in terms of quality and reliability. The entire kit can easily fit in the supplied leather case, which makes it very compact for everyday use.


  • Ideal for professionals,
  • strong precision blades,
  • stainless steel, compact,
  • complimentary leather case;


  • Even the largest nail clipper of the set appears small when compared to other top products.

For more info on the ISirius Nail Clipper set click here, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product.

Final Words – best fingernail clippers

As mentioned above in our opinion the best fingernail clipper is the Harperton Nail Clipper Set. Why should you consider purchasing these nail clippers? They offer more precision and accuracy, they are painless and easy to use, they are very affordable, and offer various special features like ergonomic design or precision blades. The most important thing is that they are as affordable as any other nail clipper product.

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