The best hair clippers for black men – Which are our favorites?

Best hair clippers for black men

Best hair clippers for black men

Tired of going to the barber only to have him mess up your hair? Do you want to take things into your own hands? Well, if that’s the case, you’ll need a clipper of your own, but what if you’re a black man, you’ll typically have thicker & stronger hair, so you’ll be needing something a bit better than your bog standard hair clipper. In this post we’re going to discuss some of the best hair clippers for black men.

We’re not talking some cheap clippers that will die on you in the most crucial moment, leaving half of your head uncut. Imagine the inconvenience, walking down the street, your tail between your legs, to your barber’s and admitting to him you tried to cut the hair yourself but failed miserably.

When you’re looking for the best hair clippers for black men it’s imperative that you get a clipper that is capable of cutting through thicker hair that can also give a real clean & close shave for fades. With this in mind we decided to take a look at some of the best hair clippers out there particularly suited to the thicker & tougher hair that black men often have.

We’ve jotted down a set of five products that will serve your purposes just fine, and will most certainly not break halfway through the job. So, sit back and allow us to present you with our list for best hair clippers for black men. Dig in!

oster classic 76 universal motor black man hair clipperOSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

First up is the Oster Classic Universal Clipper. This is an old school-looking clipper, but it performs as no other clipper does. An amazing product, this clipper will allow you to say bye-bye to all your barber troubles.

This clipper is made to last and was clearly crafted with heavy duty use in mind, which is exactly why it features one of the most powerful motors on the market. The gizmo has a single speed, and it never jams – even when facing the thickest hair you can imagine, the clipper will go through it like butter. You will also receive several detachable blades, ranging from 000 to 1. The package also includes a blade guard, some lubricating oil, a brush, and clipper grease so you can keep it in good working order.

Additionally, the clipper’s motor and innards are tucked inside a very durable plastic casing. This casing ensures that the device’s innards are protected at all times from any form of damage. You will also get a 9-foot cord made of highly durable rubber to avoid ripping and exposing the wires underneath. All in all, this is a true heavy-duty product, a workhorse of many an experienced barber, as it will it be for you.


  • Very durable.
  • A heavy duty motor that can cut through thickest hair.
  • Full accessories – you get several blades, lubricating oil, a brush, and a blade guard.
  • Very durable 9-foot cord.


  • Old-fashioned look may not be as popular.
  • Single speed disallows you from adjusting the cut.

We truly believe this is one of the best hair clippers for black men out there, if you are interested in buying the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper, you can get it cheap online through Amazon at this link here. They usually have it on sale.

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor ClipperOSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Our second product is also an Oster clipper, albeit this one is more contemporary-looking. Even so, the product has retained all the things its predecessor had – an excellent motor and extreme durability, now refurbished with some fresh additions.

This clipper comes with a great electromotor that’s as quiet as it is powerful. Also included in the mix is an adjustable pivot blade that can adjust to sizes 000 and 1. This is an all-hair type of product and it will easily cut through thick and thin hair, dry or wet, so you can use it whenever and however you want.

The new and improved design allows for a more ergonomic grip when using the machine, making extended use more comfortable and adding more precision to the cut in general.

The clipper has a set of 4 guide combs – the ¼, ½, 3/8 model plus a special on crafted for blending. The device also features an 8-foot cord made of the same highly-resistant rubber as its predecessor. Also, just like with that predecessor, you get the clipper grease, lubricant, cleaning brush and a blade guard.


  • Very durable clipper.
  • High resistant cord.
  • 4 guiding combs.
  • A heavy duty electromotor.
  • The motor is also very quiet,


  • You get one less foot of the cord in comparison to the last one.

All in all, this is our favorite & we consider this a great clipper, Oster produce some of the best hair clippers for black men. If you are interested in buying the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper, you can get it cheap online through Amazon at this link here. They usually have it on sale.

Wahl Chrome Pro 24 PC Haircut KitWahl Chrome Pro 24 PC Haircut Kit

Up next, it’s the Wahl Chrome hair clipper. This clipper would make a good choice for black men & some would say is the best hair clipper for black men, aside from being a great clipper you get so much more. In fact, it’s better to say “kit”, because apart from the clipper, this package includes a full array of items that will help you mold your hair any way you want to. In fact, Wahl is a brand you are very much likely to find in the hands of professional barbers, and with this kit, you might just have enough to start a business of your own.

The kit includes the Wahl Chrome clipper – a device of unmatched performances. It has a high-speed electromotor capable of tackling the messiest hair types. Also, Wahl made the motor super quiet and quite light for more convenient use during prolonged sessions.

The blades of the clipper are made of high-quality high-carbon steel that’s durable, very hard to dull and reportedly self-sharpening. The casing of the device is made of top-level durable plastic featuring a chrome finish for better looks. It is also quite ergonomic, once again, allowing quality handling during prolonged use.

Aside from the clipper, the package includes several guiding combs (10 to be exact) and the clipper itself features a thumb-operated handle to adjust the height of the combs. You will also get a blade guard, lubricant, a bush, as well as a flattop comb, barber comb and a small pocket comb. You also get a pair of barber scissors for trimming the bangs and stray hairs.


  • A very powerful and quiet engine.
  • A very durable device.
  • Good quality blades made of high-carbon steel.
  • Plenty of combs and accessories for a full barber experience.


  • None for this price range

If you are interested in buying the Wahl Chrome Pro 24 PC Haircut Kit, you can get it cheap online through Amazon at this link here. They usually have it on sale.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper for black menWahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

For folks who suffer from premature hair loss, we suggest you invest your money in this. Perfect for those with receding hair line who just want to keep it short, this clipper is a powerful tool to keep your hair looking like it’s been cut with a razor not more than 36 hours ago, with not of the backlash a razor can invoke.

This is a top-notch tool because of one particular instance – a super sharp blade. Indeed, Whal Professional 5-star clipper’s blade is so sharp it can almost mimic the sharpness of a razorblade, making it perfect for those who want to keep their hair a few fractions of a millimeter on their heads, but whose skin is too gentle to handle a razor.

With this puppy, you have a powerful, albeit very quiet electro-motor that cuts through the thickest and strongest of hair, which is typical of black mens hair this will leave a clean and neat trim. However, please be wary of the sharpness of the blade, as a number of customers have reported cutting themselves while using it.

Like with the others, you’ll also get a nice set of combs, cleaning brush and lubricant. All in all, for a close-to-shave look, you can’t do better than Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper.


  • A very sharp blade allows for a very neat and short cut.
  • A powerful electromagnetic motor.
  • Plenty of accessories for styling.


  • A very sharp blade may lead to cuts if one is not careful.

All in all we like this clipper & it’s one of the better hair clippers out there for black men. If you are interested in buying the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper, you can get it cheap online through Amazon at this link here.

Clipper for Black men - Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting KitWahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

And for our final product, we’ve chosen to present another Wahl Clipper/Kit. This clipper is one of the more fun and designer-inclined products, as it features color coded settings that allow you to store preset hair types and shapes. Upon pressing the corresponding color, the clipper automatically jumps to that mode, so you don’t have to do the fine-tuning again.

Just like the other Wahl products, this one too has been outfitted with a fine motor that delivers a lot of power when cutting. The blade of the product has been made from the same aforementioned high-carbon steel that allows the blade to remain sharper for longer.

The body of the device is made of sturdy plastic, and has a very comfortable shape, facilitating prolonged use. but the most interesting addition are the color coded buttons that let you fine-tune the clipper and the comb in an instant.

Again, this is a full kit, so you’ll be receiving plenty of combs and other accessories to facilitate a full styling experience.


  • A very good product, long lasting and powerful.
  • And extensive kit with a great number of accessories.
  • The addition of the colored buttons allows for easier and faster setup and styling.


  • For the listed price, none

For more info on the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit click here, Amazon will have this for sale, click this link to be taken to the Amazon page.

Conclusion – The best hair clippers for black men

Overall, we can say that each of the listed items is worthy of your consideration. These puppies all strongly stand out as potential champions of their price ranges, hence you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

But if we were to single out our champion as the best hair clippers for black men, it would be the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper. This fella combines the best of both worlds, cutting-edge technology and the old-school gimmick-free approach, wrapping it all up in a powerful, efficient, yet affordable package. A great bang for the buck and a great product. Highly recommended, a thumbs up from here! If you’re still unsure, check out the 1000’s of reviews of this clipper by following this link.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post & it’s been useful in identifying the best hair clippers for black men.

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