Best Matte Finish Pomade – Get that dry matte look

best matte finish pomade

Best Matte Finish Pomade

When you want that best matte finish pomade, you have to first choose between oil and water based pomades. Most pomades are water based which makes them lighter in the hair and easier to wash out. Slicked back hair styles can be achieved with wet hair applications, while flexible holds are best done with dry hair applications. Of course, the oil based ones have stronger holds and will not wash out at the first sign of rain.

Then comes the decision for the finish. For every day pomade wear, matte finishes are best. They can be applied to your dry hair the same way you would apply a wax. Once you find a product that suits your hair type and needs, you only need a small amount for regular use. Finding the best matte finish pomade though can be quite tricky, especially if you have thicker hair.

For thicker hair, you can get by with water or oil based pomades, matte finish or natural finish. The key is how much of the pomade you use for your hair styles. Super hold designs also give you the strength you need to support all of your thick hair.

For finer hair you do not need a super strong hold and can enjoy a lighter, more weightless version. Original formulas rather than strong hold formulas can help here, also available in matte finishes.

Which is the best matte finish pomade

So which of the myriad options on the marketplace is really the best matte finish pomade for thick or fine hair, curly or straight, cowlick or cowlick-less? Below are five great contenders for every day hair care, if you don’t have time to read the whole article & want to know which is the best matte finish pomade, we recommend Lockharts Authentic Hair Pomade.

Best Matte Finish Pomade

lockharts-authentic matte finish hair pomadeLockhart’s Authentic Hair Pomade Heavy Hold

This product is handmade in smaller batches to ensure high quality. That said, it is heat resistant to a degree, no pun intended, as well as sweat and weather resistant. It gives you a matte finish with slight shine, and has a coco vanilla scent.


  • It is a heavy hold pomade that is fit for all hair types.
  • It comes with less tug than other pomades, but it does have some pull because of its high strength.


  • It will not hold up in humidity. If you have thick, curly or unruly hair, it will simply fall flat in the hotter weather.

All in all we think Lockhart’s Authentic Hair Pomade Heavy Hold is the best matte finish pomade, it’s a heavy hold pomade that is sweat & water resistant, highly recommended, click for more info, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page where it’s priced very competitively.

SLICC Deluxe Pomade Strong Hold with Matte FinishSLICC Deluxe Pomade Strong Hold with Matte Finish

This product is a water-soluble pomade that gives you a matte finish. It offers a creamy consistency that gives you great hold for any event, formal or casual. You can create a messy, classy, or slick look with ease.


  • You can comb this pomade in easily and enjoy maximum styling flexibility.
  • It dries with maximum hardness so you can wear it all day/night.
  • You can enjoy moderate shine and when you are done, it washes out really easily.


  • The smell is unique and might not be enjoyable for everyone.

This is a good matte finish pomade although the majority of us here liked the smell some may not as it’s a bit unique, in terms of performance it holds well & washes out easy so is a good everyday pomade, click for more info, you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade PasteImperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Paste

This water based product gives you a nice matte finish. The paste offers a natural, no-shine finish with light to medium grade hold. You can use this for messy styles or groomed professional styles. It dries in a light color without weighing down your hair. You can retain moisture, add volume, and protect your hair from damage thanks to the Green Tea extract.


  • It is water soluble so if you need to re-style your hair, just add a bit of water.
  • It is light, not heavy, when it dries.
  • You can enjoy hold strength of 2 with this.
  • It washes out easily when you are done.


  • When it dries, it will leave your hair soft, not stiff. There is virtually no hold, just a limp weight associated with your hair.
  • It is far too sticky for traditional pomade.

This is a great pomade, although it doesn’t have the strongest hold so if that’s a major factor for you perhaps this isn’t the best matte finish pomade for you, nonetheless if you want some more info on the Imperial Barber Products Matte Pomade Paste click here.

Suavecito Premium Blends Matte PomadeSuavecito Premium Blends Matte Pomade

Suavecito is a reliable name brand among pomades. This particular oil based pomade offers a matte finish that allegedly stays pliable all day.


  • There are no artificial smells, so you don’t have to worry about a strong scent overpowering your hair.
  • It is oil-based but washes out easily.


  • It is hard to apply to your hair and tends to cake up in your hair, even as you try and run a comb through it.
  • The product is white, so if it begins to flake or form in clumps, it really stands out in your hair.
  • Once it is dry, there is no re-combing. So if it dries with clumps, you have to start the whole process over again.

This is a great pomade from a really reliable brand name, we like this pomade all in all but for some as it’s oil based that might be a bit off putting, all in all one of the best pomades out there though, click here for more info on this matte finished pomade.

Baxter of California Clay PomadeBaxter of California Clay Pomade

This pomade will give you a matte finish that creates texture sans shine. Recipient of the Best Hair Wax aware from Details Magazine, you are sure to get the matte finish you desire. This product is full of texturizing elements like clay and beeswax which are designed to let you manipulate and format your hair however you see fit, with a pliable hold all day long. The company is one that offers male specific skin care and hair care products, all designed to naturally improve male grooming.


  • It does not feel like there is any heavy product in your hair.
  • You can apply it to wet hair to get more of the wet hair look, or to dry hair to get the matte look.
  • It only takes a small amount to increase the hold and style you get.
  • You can separate, define, and mold your hair style.


  • For thick hair, or a strong cowlick, you will not find this product to be effective. It will give a slightly greasy look but then not hold and just fall flat.

This is a decent pomade but if you have really thick hair then we’d recommend another pomade from the list above, however if you like the look of the Baxter of California Clay Pomade click here for more info & buying options.

Conclusion – Best matte finish pomade

Overall, the best matte finish pomade on the market in our opinion is Lockhart’s Authentic Hair Pomade Heavy Hold. Other than extreme humidity, it is the only one on the list that remains strong no matter weather, sweat, or rain. It offers the matte finish for all hair types without a heavy tug.


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