Best Nose Hair Remover

best nose hair remover

Best Nose Hair Remover

Nowadays you are spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for the best nose hair remover. The hairs found in your nasal passage play a very important role of keeping out bacteria, dust, bugs and other pathogens. It is therefore very important that you find the best remover for your nose hair that will not compromise their very important job.

Trimming is the best option, because of the important role nose hair plays we recommend you only shave the hairs that are actually protruding outside your nose.  The following are some of the best nose hair removers that you should look for when looking to shave your nose hair:

Best Nose Hair RemoverPanasonic ER430K Vacuum Trimmer

When looking for a nose hair trimmer, take your time in deciding what it is tha you are exaclty looking for, the nose is a sensitive part of your body and it should always be handled with great care. Equipped with a rotary blade system the Panasonic ER430K Trimmer is capable of trimming your nose hairs efficiently without pulling them.

Unlike many other nose hair trimmers, the Panasonic Trimmer is equipped with a vacuuming system that helps get rid of any debris and hairs that are left behind when you trim your nose hairs. These debris and hairs if left up the nose can lead to sneezing & eventually infection if they are left too long. As mentioned we recommend that you do not get rid of all the filtering hairs in your nostrils. It is important that you observe this since nose hairs are there for good reason, for your health and not just to annoy you. The Panasonic ER430K Trimmer is a good choice as it is very reasonably priced & we love the vacuum feature, click here for more info on this quality nose hair trimmer.

best nose hair removerAndis Fast Trim Trimmer

The Andis nose trimmer is ideal if you do a lot of travel, powered by one AA battery the trimmer is a good budget option, retailing under $10. The trimmer features recessed cutting blades, making it a lot safer than shears, the protective cap helps with its portability & the blades are made from rust-proof surgical stainless-steel, handy if you prone to a snotty nose. This is a great trimmer & in our opinion for the price one of the best nose hair removers out there, click here for info on this trimmer.

groom-mate-platinum-xl-nose-and-ear-hair-trimmerGroom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

This particular trimmer is very eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any batteries or electric. To use the trimmer, you just need to place it in your nose and then twist the bottom of the trimmer. Other than eliminating the problem of finding batteries, the working of the Groom Mate Platinum XL Trimmer helps avoid pulling, tugging and provides a gentle cut. With its blades being made from stainless steel, this trimmer is designed to last for a lifetime. This is an ideal trimmer if you are cost conscious as you won’t be required to buy any batteries or use electricity. The trimmer has some great reviews on amazon, click here for more info & to read some more reviews.

If you’ve had any experience using a nose hair remover let us know which one you recommend & why in the comments below. We hope this post on the best nose hair remover has been useful.

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