The Best Pomade for a Comb Over – Get that slick comb over look

The Best Pomade for a Comb Over

good pomade for comb over look

With a comb over, style and hold are paramount. Without both, your strips of hair might go flying off in the wind, leaving an embarrassing bald spot behind. For this reason, finding a strong hold pomade, one that keeps any hair style in place, is imperative, with this in mind we’re going to discuss the best pomade for a comb over to keep your hair looking shmick & slicked.

So what makes the best pomade for comb over? Well, it really has to do with the right match for your hair type and needs.

Pomades range from petrolatum based, water based, and oil based. When done right, different types of pomade can give you different finishes from matte to wet to natural to dry. The first facet of finding the best pomade for your hair style is to determine whether you want one that washes out easily or not. Not everyone does.

Pomades that wash out with just water might seem like a good idea, especially if you need to make a quick fix. But remember that if it rains, that product will leave your hair immediately.

best pomade for a comb over

Oil based products do not wash out with water alone. They might come out with two washes, or with a special shampoo. This is not necessarily preferred by all wearers, which is why water based options are flooding the market. Water based pomades wash off with just water. You don’t even need shampoo.

Thicker versus finer hair requires different levels of strength. People with thick hair, even for a comb over, need a strong hold pomade while people with thinner hair can get by just fine with a lesser strength, original formula. People with thicker hair need that extra tug while people with thinner hair do not need the extra weightiness on their head.

That said, what is the best pomade for comb over uses? For thinner hair or thicker hair? What will keep your comb over in place no matter the weather?

Check out our top 5 pomades for a comb over

best pomade for a comb overLucky Franc Hair Pomade – Heavy Hold – Med. Shine

Lucky Franc offers an oil based hair pomade that has a beeswax feel but is ideal for holding down a comb over, even if you have thick, curly hair. As well as offering this pomade Franc have a few others including a medium hold -medium shine pomade & a good mustache wax.


  • It comes with a classic 1920’s barbershop scent that brings a bit of nostalgia to your hair.
  • This pomade is handmade in small batches to ensure high quality.
  • It is designed specifically for comb over fades, side combs, and comb lines.
  • Looking for a heavy hold pomade? this has it & it offers medium shine, perfect for thick to coarse hair.


  • Not everyone will enjoy the smell.
  • It is not ideal if you want a lot of shine.

We really like this pomade, all in all it’s our favorite, it smells great & works well for anyone looking for a pomade specifically for a comb over, it’s not overly shiny which we like & works well on side combs & fades too, for more info on this classic pomade click here & you’ll be directed to Amazon where there are some more great reviews on this pomade & Francs other products.

Suavecito Pomade Firme HoldSuavecito Pomade Firme Hold

This product is water-soluble which means application, styling, and touchups are a breeze. You can enjoy maximum hardness when it dries with a moderate shine. If you have finer hair and you want to create more volume for your comb over, apply a nickel sized amount of this pomade and then use a blow dryer to get the lift you want. Applying it before you dry will give you a firmer base with which to work. Then you can add more product into your hair to keep everything in position.


  • You can wash it out easily because it is water soluble.
  • You can comb it through and enjoy a strong grip all day.


  • It is sticky and will dry out your hair with regular use.
  • Not good for thicker hair.

We really like this pomade, it has a unique smell that most like & it styles a comb over very well, for more info on this quality pomade click here & you’ll be directed to Amazon where there are some more great reviews.

smooth viking comb over pomadeSmooth Viking –  Medium Hold – Supreme Shine Pomade

Smooth Viking has a line of many pomades for all hair needs, their products feature in our best hair gel for thick hair best beard growth cream & best beard wax posts.  This particular pomade is a water based formula that gives a sleek look which is easy to maintain. This product will let you create the perfect comb over and maintain the hold you need all day, for professional or casual events.


  • It adds natural volume.
  • You do not need a lot to get a good style.


  • It smells like a little like shoe polish

Looking for some more info on the Smooth Vikings pomade for comb overs click here & you’ll be directed to Amazon where there are some more great reviews.

Imperial Classic PomadeImperial Classic Pomade

Imperial classic formula is water based so you can enjoy easy application and even distribution. If you are applying this pomade to wet hair, remember that it will go in smoother. Wet hair, in this instance, means slightly damp hair. If your hair is overly wet it will break down your pomade. Slightly damp allows it to spread through evenly. With a damp application you will achieve a slightly glossed finish too.


  • Strong hold.
  • Water based so it washes out easily.
  • Semi-sheen so it looks natural.


  • Works more like a gel than a pomade.

For more info on Imperial Classic Pomade click here & you’ll be directed to Amazon where there are some more great reviews.

Layrite Super hold PomadeLayrite Super hold Pomade

For your comb over, this product gives you the strength of a wax with the manageability of a water based product. If you are applying this pomade to dry hair, you need to be aware that it will give you a different texture compared to damp hair applications. You will achieve a more texturized or separated look this way. You might have to streak your fingers through your hair multiple times in order to ensure you get even coverage since you won’t have water in your hair to break down the product. With a dry application you will get a more natural, matte finish.


  • This pomade is has a super strength hold.
  • It has a high shine.
  • This pomade won’t flake.
  • You can use it on curly and thick hair.
  • Washes out easily.


  • It has a pungent scent that is not necessarily enjoyable.
  • It does not work well on thicker comb overs.

For more info on The Layrite Super Hold Pomade click here & you’ll be directed to Amazon where there are some more great reviews.

Conclusion – The best hair pomade for a comb over

Even though it will take two or more rounds to wash it out, the best pomade for comb over hair styles is the Lucky Franc Hair Pomade, Heavy Hold with medium strength, shine, and a classic 1920s scent. Made for comb overs, this pomade will hold thick & curly hair in place.

Lucky Francs Hair Pomade


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