Best rotary electric shaver

best rotary electric shaver

Best rotary electric shaver

Choosing the right electrical shaver for you can sometimes be a difficult task. Not everyone is cut to use a foil electric shaver just like not everyone can work with a rotary electric shaver. The major difference between the two is how they tend to cut hair. The best rotary electric shaver will come with its own set of advantages. If you choose to get a rotary electric shaver, you must keep in mind a few things. In this post we’re going to discuss the best rotary electric shave & the pros & cons.

Advantages of the best rotary electric shaver

While electric shavers are generally very speedy and tend to give you a close shave in very less time, there are some advantages that are specific to the kind of electric shaver you opt for. The best rotary shaver will give you the following benefits.

best-rotary-electric-shaver-phillipsAmazingly flexible

Rotary electric shavers come with round heads that contain circular blades prearranged in a triangular pattern. By moving the shaver slowly on the skin in a circular pattern you will be able to reach all the intricate contours of your face. Since the round head can pivot a total of 360 degrees, it allows for added flexibility without putting a lot of pressure on the skin of your face. The best rotary electric shavers allow gentle but neat shaving over the round and curvy areas of your face including the neck and cheeks. You also won’t have to shave the same spot twice, because the best rotary electric shaver comes with the capacity to reach more hair in optimum time.

Quiet functioning

Unlike foil shavers, rotary electric shavers are comparably very quiet. The best rotary electric shaver lets you shave quietly which is handy if you live with your family/spouse/housemate. This is a great option for guys who have to get to work early and need to dress up without disturbing the sleep of their spouses or partners.

Who should get it?

The best rotary electric shaver will compliment its owner’s habits and routines. This means, it works exceptionally well for people that have long or short thick or coarse hair. Some people have hair growing in various directions which is also an issue that the best rotary electric shaver will be able to tackle easily because of its flexible nature. People, who are working long hours or are travelling frequently, will also benefit greatly from a rotary electric shaver, because they won’t be required to shave as frequently as they would with a foil shaver. If you are one for close shaves then this may not be the best option for you, but the best rotary electric shaver will be able to get a clean enough shave. Also, you don’t need to clean your shaver as frequently as you would clean a foil one.

You can find many models of rotary electric shavers although Phillips and Remington have some of the best rotary shavers on the market. A couple of our recommendations include the Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 & the Remington R5-6150A.

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