Best Shampoo for Hair Growth for Men

Best Shampoo for Hair Growth for Men

Best Shampoo for Hair Growth for Men

Nowadays there are various ways of stimulating hair growth. Unlike previous generations men these days are not doomed to embrace the bald or thinning look. When it comes to hair thinning, you should look for products that won’t increase your rate of balding, but products that can help your hair grow back, ideally natural products.

If you want the best shampoo for hair growth for men to work, you need to use it appropriately. Washing your hair with it as instructed and then conditioning your hair after you are done. The following are some of the best ingredients in shampoos for hair re-growth that you should look for.

Shampoo Ingredients

The first thing that you should always look for when shopping for your hair growth shampoo should be the ingredients. What the shampoo contains will not only tell you if it will be effective, but also if it is genuine or not. The following are some of the main ingredients that the best hair growth shampoo for men should contain:


Caffeine is very common ingredient in a large number of the best shampoos for hair growth for men. Not limited to your coffee these days Caffeine can be found in a number of products, including shampoo. It helps by stimulating the hair follicles and thus causing an accelerated growth of new hair. Drinking caffeine in coffee or your favorite energy drink is not as the same as using it directly on your scalp –so don’t start to over consume coffee with the hopes of growing your hair back, you’ll likely end up with crippling anxiety and your hair may fall out even quicker due to increase in stress.

A highly recommended shampoo that contains caffeine & aims to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and block effects of testosterone within the skin is Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, click here for more info on this highly rated shampoo.

saw-palmetto-argan-oil-shampoo-for-hair-lossSaw Palmetto

This ingredient can be found in modern shampoos, it’s extracted from a palm plant. It has traditionally been used for treatment of the prostate. However, recently it has proven to be quite effective when it comes to treating hair loss in both men and women. Saw Palmetto can be taken in pill form, however as mentioned it can also be found in some shampoos including the highly rated PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, click here for more info on this shampoo.


A large number of the best hair growth shampoos contain biotin. Biotin (Vitamin H) is one of the primary building blocks of both your nails and hair; it’s capable of reducing the amount of hair loss in both women and men.

Argan Oilbest-shampoo-for-hair-growth-for-men-organi-argan-oil

Argan oil, comes from the Argan tree originating from Morocco. Although it is used to dip bread in or to drizzle on pasta it is also used for cosmetic purposes, such as in shampoo & conditioner. Argan oil can help to tame frizz, protect against heat and helps make hair easier to style. Some shampoos will have Argan oil as an ingredient but you could also buy argan oil on it’s own & massage into the scalp to help promote hair growth. Click here for more info on our favorite Argan oil shampoo, or click here for our recommendation on organic Argan oil.


Organic Vs. Inorganic

Another thing you should consider when looking for the best shampoo for hair growth for men is how it’s made. A lot of inorganic products have flooded the market with cheap prices but with the cheap price tag comes some possible unwanted side effects. The best shampoo should contain all natural ingredients. This ensures that it has less chance of irritating to your scalp and/or skin.

If you are using a new shampoo for your first time, it is always safe and smart to use one that is made of natural ingredients & to conduct a small skin test prior to use on the head.


The best shampoo for hair growth for men is one that ideally works, however in your search for one that works for you consider looking for one that includes the ingredients above & one that is also organic. A really good shampoo that we recommend to make your hair thicker, that also includes the majority of the above ingredients as well as Nettle, Pumpkin Seed, Keratin, and Green Tea, all of which have been shown to benefit hair health in a myriad of ways is the Active Wow Argan Oil & Organic Botanicals Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo, with over 400 positive reviews on Amazon this is our favorite, click here for more info & to read the positive reviews.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on the Best Shampoo for Hair Growth for Men, let us know how you get on & if you have some further recommendations.

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