Best Shaving Soap – Which is our favorite shaving soap?

Best Shaving Soap

best shaving soap

Fun fact to kick things off – shaving soaps actually have a rather long tradition and legacy. These things came before the shaving creams and lotions, and they did a pretty good job back in the day when they were invented, in this post were going to discuss the best shaving soap.

Now, after several decades, the manufacturers have invested enormous amounts of time and effort to improve them since the coming of the competitor products. The shaving soaps are very easy to use, but some people shun them as they require a brush in order to be used. And we’re about to dissect ’em a bit, so without further ado the best shaving soaps & their benefits.

Why use the shaving soaps?

It might be easier to simply shake your shaving cream and put the lotion on your skin, but if you want efficiency, and  if you want to improve the health of your skin, and if you want to smell really good for extended amounts of time, you should consider using a shaving soap.

  • The best shaving soaps are more efficient than other forms of shaving products

The shaving soaps take a while to lather and apply, but they’re more efficient by a long shot. If you compare the effects of a shaving soap to the effects of other shaving products and exclude the time of application as the factor, you will see that the results of using a soap are more apparent and, simply put, more efficient.

  • They are made from different kinds of oils and materials

Shaving products (besides the shaving soaps) are often built from different chemicals combined with oils to produce a quick lather compound. Shaving soaps are built differently, mainly out of natural ingredients and materials that produce a different kind of foam that is healthier for your scalp and skin.

  • The shaving soaps are healthier to use

Being made from different materials, the shaving soaps are healthier to use than other shaving products. The materials used to make them include a wide array of vitamins and minerals that nurture your scalp and improve the health of your skin. These results, however, are apparent after some time.

  • Shaving soaps are more practical to use

Keeping in mind that the shaving soaps are actually soaps, they are more practical in a certain way – using a shaving foam, for example, makes it easier to gather the foam, but the shaving soap grips the hairs more efficiently and reduces the pull and friction.

Advantages of shaving soaps

Besides the reasons why you should use the shaving soaps, there are a lot more advantages that they offer. Most of these advantages concern your wallet, your looks, the way you smell, and their longevity. The advantages are:

  • The shaving soaps are usually less expensive than other shaving products;
  • The scent lingers for increased amount of time;
  • The effects of using a shaving soap are more apparent by a long shot;
  • They are ideal for people with sensitive and delicate skin, as they do not burn it;
  • They reduce the pull and friction when you shave;

Disadvantages of shaving soaps

Even though the shaving soaps offer a lot of advantages, there are, however, some fields in which they lack. They usually require a brush before they can be applied, the results of the health improvement capabilities can be seen after some time and more.

  • They produce a decent yield of foam, but require a brush;
  • The results are apparent after a certain amount of time has passed;
  • Some people are dissuaded by the peculiar scent they leave;
  • They are not suitable for people who shave on a daily basis and are in a hurry;

Top 5 Shaving Soaps

best shaving soapProraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Refreshing and Toning

A simple soap with a single purpose – it helps you shave, leaving your skin healthy and with a faint, but pleasant smell. It is very plain – this soap leaves a classic, mild scent, helps you shave, leaves your skin healthy in the process.


  • Classic, manly scent;
  • exceptional when used with a brush;
  • wonderful feel;


  • Small container;
  • hard to lather;

For more info on the Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Refreshing and Toning click here.

fantastic shaving soapHenry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil

Excellent shaving soap with exquisite shea butter feature. It is very smooth and lathers quite well, even though its lubrication properties are modest. It has a very nice texture, and it provides excellent scent after which it is used. It is economical and gathers foam exceptionally well.


  • Economical – it comes at a bargain price and it is very cost effective;
  • Lathers very well – the foam gathering capabilities of this shaving soap are impeccable;
  • great smell – the scent lingers for quite a while;
  • very nice texture;


  • This soap does not lubricate too good.

For more info on the Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

conk world famous shaving soapCol. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap

Amazing capabilities and healthy ingredients make this shaving soap absolutely phenomenal. Col. Conk is one of the best choices when you decide to shave. Using it will make your skin very healthy – the manufacturing process of this soap included ingredients that improve the health of your scalp and skin.


  • Unique scent;
  • Avocado Oil;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Very efficient with quick results;


  • Some of the ingredients may cause rashes to people with delicate skin;

For more info on the Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap click here in our opinion one of the best shaving soaps out there.

the blades grim luxury shaving soapThe Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap, “Smolder”

The first thing you may notice about this product is the catchy logo. However, the first thing you will notice once you’ve opened it will be the unique scent. Lathers very well and you can get fast results with this soap.


  • Lathers very easily,
  • Unique masculine scent;
  • Great quality;
  • No pull when you shave;
  • Dense foam;


  • Inferior lubrication properties;

For more info on the The Blades Grim Gold Luxury Shaving Soap, “Smolder” click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

shave soap - the best shave soapProraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Moisturizing and Nourishing shaving soap

Perfect foam gathering capabilities, the foam made doesn’t dry quickly, and you can expect the results pretty soon. The scent is unique – while some people adore it, some think it’s too strong. It doesn’t interfere with aftershave and cologne – The main attribute of this shaving soap is that it does not interfere with other products because of its mild scent.


  • Very slick;
  • lathers easy and whips a large quantity of foam after less than a minute;
  • Mild scent that lingers for a while;


  • “Earthy” sandalwood scent is appalling to some people;

For more info on the Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Moisturizing and Nourishing click here & you’ll be taken to the Amazon product page.

We hope you enjoyed this post on the best shaving soap, if you have any other shaving soaps you like or if you use any of the above let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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