Best Single Blade Razor For Shaving

Best Single Blade Razor for Shaving

Best Single Blade Razor For Shaving

When you are shaving sensitive skin such as your face or private parts, you need to use a shaving razor that will minimize the chances of you nicking yourself. Instead of going with a cartridge razor, you should try out the best single blade razor for shaving. A single sharp blade is way better in giving you a cleaner and closer shave. The trick is to make sure that your skin is tight when you are shaving. The single blade will be able to get close to your skin without any high chances of you developing a rash. Below we will discuss some of the benefits of using a single blade razor as well as our recommendations on the best single blade razor fro shaving.

Benefits of using a single blade razor

No Razor Bumps

Most razors that are used nowadays tend to have numerous blades, popularized by Gillette & their Mach 3 range for example, these types of razors can cause razor bumps. With three or four blades, especially if they happen to be blunt they will end up pulling your hair out resulting in bumps, pain & irritation. The best single blade razor for shaving is capable of doing the job well and leaving you without any razor bumps. The benefit of using a single blade razor is that it’s more accurate & you can also sharpen it to ensure that you are shaving hairs opposed to ripping them off with a 3 or 4 blade razor.

Close & Clean Shavebest-single-blade-razor-for-shaving-vikings-blade

The other good thing that you will benefit from with the use of a single blade razor is its ability to give a very close and clean shave. To ensure that you get the best shave possible, you need to make sure that you have prepared your face before shaving. Once you have washed your face & trimmed your beard using clippers or a trimmer you can use your single blade razor to clean off any excess hair & give cleaner looking lines to your facial hair.

Ingrown Hairs

One unpleasant thing that can come out of shaving using cartridge razors is the high chance of ingrown hairs when you shave. If you want to reduce your chances of getting ingrown hairs, you need to improve your skills with a single blade razor. More and more men are shifting to the single blade razors for this benefit alone. The best single blade razor for shaving cuts off the hair so close to the skin thus leaving your hairs so short; it will also help to ensure your hair remains well cut without any ingrown hairs.

best-single-blade-razor-for-shaving-merkur-razorThe Best Single Blade Razor

We highly recommend the following single blade razors:

Perfecto Long Handled Safety Razor – $

The Merkur Long Handled Razor -$$

Vikings Blade Safety Razor – $$$

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