Best Way to Trim Nose Hair – A step by step guide

Best way to trim nose hair

The Best Way to Trim Nose Hair

Growing hair in certain areas such as in your nose and ears can sometimes be a bit embarrassing, depending on your age, it’s certainly something you should be conscious about, especially if you’re a bachelor. In this post we’re going to discuss the best way to trim nose hair, it is very important that you know how to trim your nose hairs without hurting yourself.

By trimming your nose the correct way, you’ll be left with a nose without protruding hairs but still have some hairs further up the nostrils as they play an important role in filtering the air you breathe protecting your from air borne toxins & pollution etc, it is therefore important that you know exactly how to trim your nose without a)hurting yourself & b) trimming too many hairs. Below are some tips on how to ensure that you trim your nose hairs properly:

best way to trim nose hairGood Lighting

The first thing that you want to take care of when planning to trim your nose hairs is to find a room with good lighting. The inner parts of your nasal passage might be a bit dark and a well lit room will go a long way in improving the visibility up there. It might be a bit dangerous for you to insert trimmers into your nostrils when you do not have a clear vision of where to shave. Using mirrors will help in improving the lighting and how well you get to see where it is that you have to trim. If you are not able to see clearly as you shave your nose hairs, you might make some painful. If you have trouble finding somewhere with really good lighting some people invest LED Vanity mirror such as the Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror this will help with accuracy when you tirm your nose.

Cleaning Your Nose

Once you have the lighting under control, it is time for you to clean your nose. The best way to trim nose hairs starts with some good cleaning of the nostrils. You should always clean your nose before you trim your nose hairs, when you clean your nose properly, you will be giving your trimmer a fair shot at trimming the nose hairs without anything getting in the way e.g. boogers. As you clean your nose, tilt your head backwards to get a better view of where to clean. You can even use your fingers to pull your nose back so that you can trim the insides clearly. When cleaning your nose, use some warm water, this will help in loosening the nose hairs & will make them softer so that they are easier to trim. Once your nose is clean, dry it up in preparation for the next step which is trimming.

best way to trim nose hairs tweezerman hair scissorsTrimming

Given that the nose hairs play an important role of protecting your body against pathogens and debris that are airborne, you need to be careful while trimming them. You need to make sure that by the time you are done, there are some nose hairs left to act as the filter. To start with we suggest you trim the hairs that are protruding from your nose first & foremost before you make your way inside the nasal passage, the best way to do this is to use some facial hair scissors such as the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Facial Hair Scissors.

Once you’ve taken care of the hairs that are protruding from your nose, it’s time to head up the nostrils a little further, for this step we recommend you use a nose trimmer, we previously posted on the best nose trimmer, take a quick look at this guide if you like, we recommend the Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Trimmer. This particular trimmer features a vacuuming system & is probably the best way to trim nose hairs. Once you have your trimmer in hand it’s time to trim the hairs, we suggest you use one finger from the hand not holding & push the front of your nose up, this will give you a better view of where to trim.

hair trimmerOnce you push the front of your nose up we suggest you trim all of the visible hairs but no more than this. By doing so you will remove any hairs that could be visible to you & others but you will avoid going too high as as to get rid of the important nose hairs further up the the nasal passage. Once you’re done with one nostril do the exact same to the other. Once you’ve trimmed both nostrils it’s time to give your nose a clean again.

Clean the nose again

Once you’ve trimmed both nostrils we suggest giving them a quick clean again with warm water, avoid using aftershave as you’re not actually shaving you’re merely trimming & the fragrance will be too strong for your nose anyway. By giving your nose a clean again you are making sure that any remaining loose hairs have been take care of, if you leave loose hairs & debris it can lead to sneezing & possibly even an infection so best not to skip this step. Once you’re all clean give your nostrils a quick dry using a cotton swab or cloth.

If you have been seeing some hairs protruding from your nose it’s best to get rid of them asap, trust us when we say they are not attractive, try using the safety scissors we recommended along with the nose trimmer for the best way to trim nose hairs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the best way to trim nose hair. Let us know how you get on & if you’ve had to deal with protruding nose hairs before in the comments section below.


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