Best wet and dry electric shaver


Best wet and dry electric shaver

Remember the traditional way of wet shaving? Well, imagine the same results only 10 times more enhanced and easier to achieve. The concept of wet shaving has been around for quite some time because water is known to help cut down the friction created against the beard hair. While some people may still use traditional shaving tools as part of their daily grooming routines, others have upgraded by using wet and dry electric shavers. Today many high end companies are manufacturing wet and dry electric shavers to help upgrade the common man’s grooming rituals.

Why get a Wet and dry electric shaver

There are many advantages of getting a wet and dry electric shaver. This “aquatic” way of shaving has revolutionized the concept of shaving altogether!

The closest shave of them all

While the water helps cut down the friction created against the beard hair, you can use a shaving gel or foam to help soften the skin. Both these help get a pretty close shave. At the same time, using a wet and dry electric shaver will also help men get the length of beard that they desire because there will always be some that are not in favor of a close and clean shave.

braun-wet-dry-shaverLuxury at its best

Can’t afford a day off to get one of those luxury shaves at the local barber shop? Well with a wet and dry electric shaver you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get the same luxurious wet shave. Moreover, with the world working at a very fast pace today, it is important that you allot your valuable time to different tasks accordingly. With a wet and dry electric shaver you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on grooming because you will manage a shaving spree in half the time.

Indirect exfoliation

The wet and dry electric shaver helps exfoliate the skin of those people who prefer a close and clean shave. Basically when you shave, the razor doesn’t just clean your beard but it also takes away the top most layer of the skin with all its excess dirt. While many would spend countless hours and hard earned money on buying high end scrubs that suit their skins, others can easily get away with the whole idea of exfoliation with just a regular shaving routine.

Anywhere and everywherepanasonic-wet-dry-shaver

The best part about a wet and dry electric shaver is that it can be used in almost any place. Since it is able to work under wet conditions, men can now easily shave anywhere from the shower to the bathtub or even at the sink. If you have only 30 minutes to shower, shave, get dressed, eat and leave for work in the morning, using a wet and dry electric shaver will help you cut down the steps significantly since you can now easily perform your shaving ritual while you shower also.

Technology has significantly helped make lives easier for everyone. Whether you are travelling or busy with back to back meetings, you can easily just carry your wet and dry electric shaver with you and use it at your ease to get a fresh feel whenever needed. Some of the best wet & dry electric shavers that we can recommend include the Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 the Panasonic Razor, ES-LF51-A or the Braun Series 7-740S-6 for something a little more expensive the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 comes with a charging & automatic cleaning station. Although anything from Braun or Panasonic in the wet/dry electric shaver market will serve you well.

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