Coconut Oil For Beard – Is It Any Good & How Do You Use It?

coconut oil for beard

Coconut Oil For Beard

Coconut oil is slowly taking the health industry by storm, from using it as a healthy alternative to vegetable oil it to cook in, to using it to whiten your teeth (also known as coconut oil pulling) to using it as a skin moisturizer. One thing that crossed our mind a few weeks ago was what about Coconut oil for beards. So we did some research into what the benefits are of using coconut oil on the beard, how to use it & which oils are the best.

Why would you use coconut oil for your beard?

As mentioned above, coconut oil is being used widely in the cosmetic industry to help promote healthy teeth, skin & nails. So you’d expect the same benefits to transcend to hair as well, in particular in the case facial hair. Similar to the hair on you head (if you still have some) your facial hair requires moisture to help promote a healthy scalp & healthy & strong hair, which is why shampoos, conditioners, balms & oils for the beard have become so popular in recent times. Coconut oil for beard similar to beard oils will help to moisturize the hairs on your face & it also goes well in restoring the skin underneath so that the follicles grow healthy & thick hair, furthermore using coconut oil on the beard can help alleviate dryness & reduce itchiness, in particular if you starting out to grow your beard.

coconutAs well as promoting healthy hair, coconut oil is a great moisturizer as mentioned above, the oil will help to hydrate the hairs similar to a conditioner, this means your facial hair will be very easy to tame, style & will also look great as they will have a nice shine to them that you wouldn’t achieve without using either beard oil or coconut oil.

As well as all these benefits, coconut oil has a nice fragrance & depending on the variety you can is organic, as well as this if you buy a jar you can also use it for the range of other benefits it offers.

What is coconut oil?

This might seem like a silly question to address but we got to thinking, what exactly is coconut oil? We know what it looks like, tastes like, smells like & how it feels on our beard but what exactly is it made of? It looks a little strange, to start with unlike other oils it’s natural room temperature state is solid unlike olive oil or any other oil we can think of, with this in mind in we did some research.

So to answer this, to start with coconut oil is made by extracting oil from coconuts kernels, however to be truly precise, we have to talk about the different varieties on offer as not all coconut oil is equal. Just like wines & olive oils there are different varieties of coconut oil depending on the materials used, the process in which it has been made & of course where the coconut has come from.

coconut beard oilCopra Coconut oil – AKA the inferior oil

Some of the more basic coconut oils out there are made from copra, this is the official name for the dried coconut flesh, this type of oil is considered inferior & very different to the virgin or extra virgin varieties. The difference between the basic coconut oil & virgin oil is that the basic oil is made from copra. Typically copra is farmed in large quantities, the coconuts used to manufacture it are usually split in a field & then the flesh is taken out in bulk. Once the flesh or meat has been taken out it is taken to a drier which can take up to a week to completely dry. Once the copra is dried it is then typically transported to oil mills, sometimes this journey can take months as a result the flesh sometimes becomes dirty, smelly & rotten. As a result of the inferior flesh during the oil extraction process at the mill, the oil that is extracted is often a dirty color & smelly, which is why it has to be refined & bleached to make it fit to sell. As you can see from the process that goes into making this oil it isn’t great & we certainly wouldn’t recommend using copra coconut oil for your beard as it’s not natural & certainly isn’t organic let alone for consumption.

how to use coconut oil beardVirgin & Extra Virgin Coconut oil – AKA a great oil for your beard & consumption

To be classified as a virgin/extra virgin coconut oil, there are various characteristics the oil would have to meet, typically the oil is made from fresh, mature coconuts, will melt at approximately 24C & will taste & smell a lot more like coconuts.  Typically the investment that goes into producing a high quality extra virgin coconut oil is much higher than the refined oil, typically the oil itself is made from fresher coconut &, it is extracted at a much slower pace in a cold presser. By extracting the oil using a cold press much of the nutrients are kept in tact unlike cheaper oils that are extracted in bulk using massive industrial equipment often using heated machinery to speed up the process. As a result of the heat used a lot of nutrients are actually lost. If you are looking for a coconut oil for your beard, or to even consume we highly recommend you choose a virgin or extra virgin coconut oil such Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil although using extra virgin coconut oil for the beard costs a few dollars extra the benefits are much higher, opting for a copra coconut oil defeats the purpose of using a coconut oil altogether.

coconut treeDo we like using coconut oil for the beard?

Sure, most of use a beard oil, typically made of jojoba oil, we’ve previously posted on best jojoba oil for your beard however a few of us are now converts. What we like about using coconut oil on your beard is that it’s natural, you know exactly what’s in it, the oil can be used for so many other things, it smells great & it does an amazing job at moisturizing our beards & the skin beneath. As well as this, it’s amazing value for money, compare the size typical size of a coconut oil jar 32-72oz to that of a beard oil jar 1-2oz & similarly priced.  All in all we love it, if you’re wondering which coconut oil we’ve been using for our beards, we recommend Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, or Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

How to use coconut oil on your beard

The great thing about using coconut oil on your facial hair is that it’s actually a little bit more solid than traditional beard oil making very manageable to use. We recommend you massage a small amount (about the size of a 5 cent piece) into your hands then simply massage into the mustache area first & foremost then massage into the sides & hair below the chin. One important thing to remember is to massage it into the roots of your hair as well, not only will this help promote hair growth but it will moisturize your face too. If you feel that you need some more just grab another bit, it will melt in your hands then apply. It’s seriously simple.

COCONUT Scented Beard OilWhy use coconut oil over traditional beard oils

We’re not telling you to pack in using your traditional beard oil, ingredients like jojoba & Moroccan Argan oil which are a staple of most beard oils are great & come with a range of benefits. We also love the fact that you can choose from a range of fragrances or even an oil with no odor. Despite this, we’re going to be using coconut oil for the beard a for the foreseeable future as so far so good. It gets a massive thumbs up from us. If you’d prefer to keep using a traditional beard oil but like the sound of the coconut smell the COCONUT Scented Beard Oil is a great smelling & moisturizing oil.

Coconut oil beard recipes

As well as just using coconut oil for the beard, sometimes people will also add some additional ingredients to take their own coconut beard oil & to take it to the next level.

As discussed above, some of the more traditional beard oils use ingredients like jojoba oil, Argan oil & vitamin E. You could easily buy some coconut oil & experiment with adding some of the following ingredients:

Let us know how you get on using coconut oil for you beard & if you’ve enjoyed this post in the comments section below.


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