Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Pubic Hair

easy ways to get rid of pubic hair

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Pubic Hair

Pubic hair….not the nicest topic to talk about, a bit of a taboo shall we say. However removing pubic hair can be challenging,  there are a few ways to do it, some are far from painless. In this post we’re going to discuss some easy ways to get rid of pubic hair without a fuss & hopefully in a pain free way.

Lets talk about the easy ways to get rid of pubic hair & how you can make them safer

easy-ways to get rid of pubic hairShaving

Shaving can be an easy way to get rid of pubic hair, or this to be effective first of all ensure that you trim the hair as short as possible if you are considering shaving. Trying to shave your pubic hair with a razor without trimming it first will not work, you’ll be struggling to see what you’re doing in addition to this your shaver will likely get clogged up. Trimming & then shaving is certainly not a bad idea, if you are only going to do the line of hair above and to the side of your penis this is a really easy method.

If you are going to use a razor we recommend you use a new razor that is sharp & of high quality, consider using a high quality disposable, this ensures the razors are sharp, as a result you’ll avoid a rash & irritation as blunt razors can cause ingrown hairs. As well as this, using a disposable means that you then don’t use the same razor on your face as this is quite unhygienic, a disposable we recommend specifically for the pubic region is the Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razors for Men, they feature five ultra glide blades with skin gards to reduce friction between the skin, a unique hydrating gel reservoir & are the only disposable with a flip trimmer to use on hard to reach areas for precise shaving, ideal for the pubic area.

Another tip when shaving your pubic area is to use a warm washcloth that is large enough to cover the entire region, put it on the whole pubic area for 2-3 minutes prior to shaving, this will soften the hair & make it easier to shave off. Another trick to soften pubic hair is to take a lengthy hot bath or shower prior to shaving. Another tip is to use a high quality shaving gel that is specifically designed for the pubic area, a product like soft smooth shave oil helps prevent razor burn, nicks, cuts, bumps & ingrown hairs and also helps to soften & hydrate & restore your skin. If you’re seriously looking for an easy way to get rid of pubic hair, trimming then either showering/bathing/washcloth trick then shaving using a high quality shaving gel & disposable is a great way to start.


If you would like to eliminate more hair than shaving, you could consider waxing, however please understand that waxing can be painful and also rips out hair by the roots, ouch! With waxing, some of the products out there include chemicals, and some people do not actually like thought of this especially on such a sensitive area. As well as this sometimes hair still remains after use. However if you are considering going down the waxing route, results can last up to 8 weeks & the more you do it, the less painful it gets, it’s also a pretty easy way if you stomach the inital pain of getting rid of your pubes.

A product we recommend is the Bodyhonee hair removal waxing kit, a all natural formula made for body hair specifically, the product is unisex as waxing does not discriminate between male & female pubic hair really…! The kit has been formulated with only 3 ingredients, all natural, sugar, salt & lemon this leaves your skin feeling good & you can rest assured that you’re not putting any harmful chemicals on your sensitive area. Furthermore when hair does start to reappear as mentioned above it becomes easier to wax again as hair growth will appear thinner than before, click here for more info on the bodyhonee hair removal kit.

One other product we really like the look of is Moom For Men Organic Hair Remover, consisting of all natural ingredients and designed for men in mind, click here for more info.

pubic-hair-removal-creamHair removal lotions

Some men have really great results with these lotions, they are fairly simple to use & are an easy way to get rid of pubic hair. The best thing to do with these lotions before rushing into using them on your pubic area is to conduct a skin test on a less sensitive are first & foremost. Do a test on your arm or leg first, somewhere where you won’t mind losing a bit of hair. There are now hair removal lotions designed specifically for men that also include all natural ingredients. In our opinion hair removal lotions are perhaps the least painful & easiest way to get rid of pubic hair. A high quality product that we really like & that have found to be good is the Wow Hair Vanish for Sensitive Skin, specifically designed for sensitive areas.


We’ve discussed Epilators in a previous post entitled are epilators good. What we found was all in all they were, we didn’t go into specifics with regards to epilators & using them on pubic hair however. Epilators can be an easy way to get rid of pubic hair, one thing we mentioned in our previous post was that they are relatively inexpensive. A product we recommended that costs below $30 is the the Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator. One thing we highlighted previously is that they they last for a very long time, typically 1-2 years so could be seen as a more cost effective way of getting rid of pubic hair.

emjoi-male-epilator-easy-ways-to-get-rid-of-male-pubic-hairCompare this to constantly buying disposable razors, wax or hair removal lotion & in the long term you’re on to a winner. However please note epilators much like waxing can be painful initially & in rare cases can cause ingrown hairs. If you fancy getting your hands on an epialtor, we think it’s a good idea as it’s a easy way to get rid of pubic hair but you don’t like the look of the Phillips Satinelle recommended above, consider the Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator specifically designed for men.


So as far as easy ways to get rid of pubic hair, these are four suggestions, we hope this post has been useful on addressing a subject that you would typically not ask friends or family for fear of being ridiculed. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any other easy ways to get rid of pubic hair that you’d like to share that will make it easier for the rest of us.

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