Electric razors for the pubic area

electric razors for pubic area

Electric razors for the pubic area

Research has shown that almost 50% of women actually prefer their men to be partially if not completely hairless down below. If you have decided to try shaving your pubic area then there are a few things that you definitely need to keep in mind before you begin. For example, carefully choose an electrical razor among the many electric razors for pubic area found in the market today, along with other essential products that will make this experience easy to bear.

A good electric razor for the pubic area that we recommend is in fact a body-groomer, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100, or the BG1026/60 or the Remington PG525 to be precise. Using a more reasonably priced groomer like the previously suggested means you can specifically dedicate that razor to the pubic are which is more hygienic. alternatively the ES412 Cleancut Personal Shaver is a specifically designed electric razor for your private areas.

Read on for our guide on how to use a razor for the downstairs area & our full recommendations.

Cleancut personal shaver designed for the pubic area

Cleancut personal shaver designed for the pubic area

Getting started with electric razors for the pubic area

Here is a step by step guide to help you easily shave your pubic region specifically using an electric razors for the pubic area, as well as the guide we will give our recommendations for a good electric razor to use down there.

You need to understand that if you are going for a completely clean look, then using the electric razor alone is not a good idea because there are some specific areas in your pubic region where it is recommended that you don’t use an electric razor.

Getting started with the trimming

Before you start shaving, it is important that you never go for a directly close to the skin shave, in the first go. This is especially because longer hair may get stuck in the razor and cause discomfort. The best way to trim your pubic hair is with a scissor, but nowadays the electric razors for pubic area come with a trimming option that allow you to trim the hair at your desired length. Once you are done trimming, keep the following tips in mind:

i) Try not to use the electric razor for trimming the scrotum directly because the skin in that region is very sensitive and if caught in the shaver, will turn out to be extremely painful. It is better to use scissors in this region.

ii) Shaving down the center to the underside of the penis along with shaving the center of the scrotum with an electric should be avoided because nicking this area can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

iii) You can trim the longer scrotum hair in the bathroom while trim the shorter one in a more comfortable position like on your bed.

Hair removal products should be avoided


Bare it all shaver

It’s always a good idea not to use any harsh hair removal products in your pubic region. This is especially true because this region is extremely sensitive and any reaction from any of the chemical depilatories can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Instead use electric razors for pubic area since they are much safer comparatively. If you are insistent on using a hair removal cream, go for one that is designed for sensitive skin such as the WOW Hair Vanish for Sensitive Skin

Different comfortable positions

Electric razors for pubic area can be used in different positions ranging from lying on the bed to crouching on the floor and even sitting on the toilet seat. The wet and dry shavers also allow users to shave their private parts easily while taking a warm bath or shower. Sometimes lying on the bed is a good idea, it helps get to difficult to reach areas, we recommend popping down a plastic sheet first however.

Begin shaving

If your are going to go for a really clean shave, as well as the electric razor a disposable can be incorporated as well, however, when you start shaving, it is always a good option to use a shaving cream specifically made for sensitive skin. This will help soften the hair and the skin around the pubic region and allow for a much closer shave. Also, make sure you apply as little pressure to the skin as it could damage it otherwise. Moreover, it is always recommended to shave against the directing of the hair to get a cleaner shave. Shaving in the same direction will only help make the hair length shorter.

After care routine

Use baby powder and antiseptic creams to reduce irritation after using electric razors for pubic area. Moreover, keep in mind that the initial shaves will be uncomfortable and irritating for the skin, but soon after the irritation will subside as the skin gets used to it.

Electric razors for pubic area have made shaving so much easier and convenient for men especially because they don’t require as many supplies as a manual razor would. As well as recommending the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100, or the BG1026/60 or the Remington PG525 if you are very serious about finding the best razor for shaving your private area we recommend the as a slightly more expensive option, the Bare it All Personal Shaver & Built In Trimmer, a men’s or ladies personal pubic shaver & built in trimmer, it promises to be gentle enough to shave the most sensitive & private areas or the ES412 Cleancut Personal Shaver which is a small razor specifically designed for your intimate areas.

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