German Straight Razors – Our favorite Solingen straight razors

German Straight Razor

German Straight Razors – Our favorite Solingen straight razors

It might not come as a surprise to any of you that here at Get It Groomed we absolutely love straight razors. We love the look, the feel & importantly how close they shave. In particular we love German Straight Razors, much like their engineering ability the Germans make a good razor too. One area in particular in Germany is that of Solingen, Solingen has been coined the “City of Blades”, it is well renowned for producing swords, knives, scissors & of course razors.

In this post we’re going to discuss the history of Solingen, what makes German razors so good & some of our favorite German Straight Razors.

Solingen straight razors

A straight razor that comes from Solingen is pretty much the crème de la crème of razors, so much so that razors bearing the name Solingen had to be safeguarded legally in 1933 as they were so sought after. A German straight razor is the epitome of finesse and quality, much like the country’s highly renowned Automotive industry the German Straight Razor is the same. Anyone that knows a thing or two about Razors & in particular straight razors will tell you that a German straight razor in particular any that comes from the Solingen region set the standard when it comes to straight razors.

Back in the day (just speak to your granddad) using a straight razor was pretty much the standard way to shave, of course nowadays we have 2 blade, 3 blade & it won’t be long before there are 10 blade disposables. However back in the day it was Germany that produced a great number of straight razors available worldwide. Unfortunately after World War 2, much of the manufacturing of straight razors came to a halt in Germany due to economic strains on what was then a economically crippled country. Thankfully however in modern days Germany of course is now one of the most wealthy countries in the world. As a result Solingen straight razors began production once again & nowadays there are a number manufacturers based in Solingen that are at the forefront of reviving this old tradition.

What makes German straight razors so good?

As discussed German straight razors set the standard, but what makes them so good? Well some German  manufacturers use stringent quality production steps, some up to 170 steps when manufacturing their razors. By being so particular they can guarantee the highest quality in the world. A good indicator of a quality blade is when only the edge of the blade can visibly bent, a high quality blade will immediately return to it’s original shape once you let go. Inferior blades are typically too thick to do this, go ahead give it a try if you have a straight razor lying about. By manufacturing their blades to this standard it means that a German straight razor can be sharpened that much more than lower quality blades.

Which German straight razor manufactures are our favorites?


One of the oldest and most renowned companies manufacturing German straight razors is Dovo based out of Solingen. Dovo has been around for over a century and since its inception in 1906, it has managed to build itself quite the reputation in the world of straight razors. Because of its superior quality controls, Dovo successfully taken over a number of manufacturers of straight razors. A German straight razor by Dovo is guaranteed to be of high quality & will provide longevity. Moreover, you can find razors in both the high end category as well as the low end category ranging from $110 to $300.

The best part about Dovo made German straight razors is that they allow you to choose from a variety of different handle materials in order to give you a much more personalized feel when you shave. You can choose from Spanish oak to ebony and even regular plastic as well. All handles are made water resistant so that your grip while shaving is never compromised.

Some of our favorite Dovo straight Razors

Dovo Black Handle 5/8″ Straight Razor Full Hollow

dovo straight razor full hollow

  • Shave ready
  • Swedish Steel
  • Black Plastic Handle
  • for more info click here



Dovo “Bismarck” Straight Razor

dovo bismarck straight razor

  • Faux goat horn handles
  • Gold-dipped carbon steel blade
  • Shave ready
  • For more info click here


Dovo Bismarck 6/8″ Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor
bismarck solingen straight razor
  • Features a larger 6/8″ blade
  • Beautifully designed with 24K gold
  • Ebony wood handle
  • For more info click here



Another great brand in the German straight razor category is Bokor, also based out of Solingen. Although the company itself was founded much earlier than Dovo, after world war two the production declined. However with the recent revival in the use of straight razors, the company has managed to establish itself well in the market once again. Even though the company is best known for its hunting knives it has managed to build itself a great reputation for straight razors as well. A German straight razor by Boker is the perfect personification of high standards and quality material.

One of the most notable things to consider is that every straight razor by Boker employs the use of over 150 individual production steps along with traditional methods during its manufacturing process. Every product is specifically made by hand and the most expensive straight razor on their portfolio is made of 180 individual layers of powdered metallurgical Damascus stainless steel. Such masterpieces obviously come with a price but at the same time, the company also offers a lot of affordable German straight razors as well. Products usually range between $170 and $1300 so that everyone is adequately catered to.

Some of our favorite Boker straight Razors

Boker Straight Razor King Cutter Black Handle

boker king cutter black handle razor

  • Durable Black Handle
  • Popular King Cutter Blade Shape
  • 5/8″ blade made of special alloy
  • For more info click here



Edelweiss Boker Straight Razor


  • 5/8″ blade made from non stainless Solingen steel
  • Handle is made from Elforyn Ivory
  • Features a historical ethcing from the 1920’s
  • For more info click here



 Boker Straight Razor King Cutter White Handle

boker straight razor king cutter white handle

  • Durable White Handle
  • Popular King Cutter Blade Shape
  • 5/8″ blade made of special alloy
  • For more info click here





Germans & high quality is synonymous, they are well known for making resilient products in a number of industries. There is no doubt that a straight razor by any of the prestigious brands mentioned above will be high quality, reliable, will look cool & will provide a luxury shaving experience.

Let us know if you’ve enjoyed this post & if you like to use a German straight Razor, in particular one that derives from the Solingen region.


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