Guys Trimming Eyebrows – How to do it right

Guys Trimming Eyebrows

Guys Trimming Eyebrows

Guys trimming eyebrows isn’t exactly something you want to ask you mates how to do down the pub, but if your eyebrows are getting overgrown, it is time you thought about giving them a trim and keeping them in check. When you appear like you have a beard on your forehead, you will not look professional, you’ll likely get ridiculed for having bushy eyebrows and the girls will likely snub you as a result of your massive mono-brow.

Unlike some decades back, it’s now a little more socially acceptable & there are many guys trimming eyebrows nowadays. If you are planning on shaving your eyebrows for the first time, you need to be careful to make sure that you do it right, last thing you want is no eye brows at all!! There several steps that you can follow to ensure you trim your eyebrows the right way. However, if you don’t feel comfortable at shaving yourself, you could visit a professional and have it done for you, just remember your face is just a little hard to cover up so you don’t want to mess them up, asking your barber to do it is more than acceptable these days.

Guys Trimming Eyebrows

If you are among the many guys who are now trimming their eyebrows, you need to be sure that you do it right to avoid rashes & avoid cutting them off all together, follow the following steps while trimming you brows:

Prepare your Eyebrows

The first thing that you are going to do is ensure that the skin you will be shaving is softened properly before you start. This will be achieved through taking a hot shower or washing your face in warm soapy water. Once you have showered, you need to exfoliate your eyebrows. Using some sugar or salt as exfoliate, scrub your eyebrow area to remove loose hairs and prepare the skin. You could also use a hot wet wash cloth by placing it on your face for several minutes.

Guys Trimming Eyebrows Comb & ScissorsEyebrows Trimming

Once the skin around your eyebrow area is well prepared take an eyebrow comb such as the Revlon Double Ended Brow Brush and arch your eyebrow as you wish and use the comb to hold them in place. Using a small pair of scissors or ideally eyebrow comb scissors such as the Seki Edge Ss-605 Eyebrow Comb Scissors cut off any hair that is above your eyebrow’s line. Keep repeating the process till you get to the arch of your eyebrow. You can also comb your eyebrows downwards and trim them if you find them to be too thick after the up-comb trim.

When trimming the arch, you will need to comb your hair in forty five degree angle and cut off any hair that is past the edge.

tweezermanEyebrow Maintenance

To ensure that your eyebrows remain in shape and looking good, you need to maintain them. You will do this by always keeping them in check and cutting off any hairs that tend to grow out of the edges. When forming arches, make sure that you follow the natural shape of your eyebrow. This is the place where most hair grows and will easier to style and trim. You should lookout for any hairs that might be growing outside the edges, like near your ears for example. You can use a tweezers such as the Tweezerman to get rid of hairs that look out of place, are too short to cut & to keep your eyebrows looking tidy.

If you’d prefer to trim your eyebrows at home opposed to the barber as discussed above we suggest you invest in a decent eyebrow comb, some eyebrow scissors & some decent tweezers. You can buy all 3 in a set from Body Toolz, the set includes 3 tweezers, a comb & scissors, very reasonably priced too, click here to read over 150 positive reviews. Guys Trimming Eyebrows

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