How to apply beard oil – A step by step guide

How to apply beard oil – A step by step guide

Beard oil is one among the most important tools you can keep in your beard-maintaining drawer or cabinet, in this article we’re going to run through how to apply beard oil. It is a form of cosmetic oil designed specifically to improve your beard. It makes your beard more manageable, fuller, and healthier. Beyond just shampoo and conditioner, oil mimics the natural oils your skin produces. Most beard oils contain more than one type of oil, like olive oil, coconut oil, Argan oil, or jojoba oil. These combinations come in a variety of (masculine) scents to leave your beard smelling fresh.

Knowing how to apply beard oil can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the perfect set of facial hair. What’s more, applying beard hair properly keeps everything healthy and in check.

how to apply beard oil

Why use beard oil?

First of all, beard oil will moisturize your hair follicles and the skin lurking beneath your beard. For people who live in cold climates, in windy areas, or who have dry and brittle beard hair, this can make all the difference. By regularly using beard oil you can prevent itchiness, dryness, flaking, and beard ruff.

While a made-up term, the latter is just the same as dandruff, but instead of on your head it is in your beard. If the skin beneath your beard is not properly hydrated it will dry out and start flaking. Then your beard looks like someone shook a snow globe.

You want your beard to look well-groomed and shiny, not shaggy, flaky, or dusty. If you wouldn’t let the hair on your head start to sag and flake all over the place, why would you let it happen to your beard?

So, rather than shaving off your beard, start using oils. These oils smell nice, they make your beard smell nice too. With a variety of scents, you can distinguish your hair from your beard. Your beard won’t have to smell like Garnier. It can smell like vanilla, citrus, or sandalwood. You will invariably get a whiff of whatever scent is in your beard, so why not make it something you like?

How much beard oil to use…

The longer your beard, the more oil you will need. This is the same as any other product you are using on your beard. If you have a brand new beard, a small amount is all you need. A beard in its final stages of growth, long and pronounced, needs a lot more oil to keep it under control.

Beard oil is also helpful for styling your beard. When you have pesky beard hairs that just refuse to stay in place, a beard oil can encourage better assimilation to the direction of your choosing. This alleviates the need to use things like hair spray which only leaves residue and stickiness on your beard.

best way to use beard oil

Picking the Right Time

The best time to apply beard oil is after the beard has been washed. In most cases that means right after a shower. The reason being, your skin pores and hair follicles open up in the shower because of the hot water and steam. You want the pores and follicles open so that they can absorb the oil. The colder your climate, the more important it is to do this.

Applying Beard Oil

Applying your beard oil of choice does not have to be complicated. Once you get the hang of it, the procedure will become second nature. First, towel dry the beard after you have showered. This gets rid of extra moisture. Just like oil and water don’t mix in the ocean, they don’t mix in your beard either. Don’t wait until the beard is completely dry though. Find that sweet spot when your hair is slightly damp so that the beard oil replaces the water already on your hair follicle. Doing so increases the amount of oil the hair absorbs.

Apply a few drops onto your clean hands and begin to gently massage into your beard. Rub the oil through all of your hair, from the skin on your face to the tips of the hair. This will hydrate the skin and the hair alleviating, or at least reducing, dryness and subsequent beard itch.

Once your oil is evenly distributed throughout the beard, take a boar brush or beard comb and style your beard hair however you see fit. This extra touch ensures the oil is omnipresent in your facial hair. Boar brushes in particular make a fine accompaniment to beard oil. Beard hair is quite dense and coarse, as such standard brushes and combs are insufficient. However, boar hair is very strong, able to weave its way in between each of your beard hairs and work out any knots while moisturizing the oils all the way through. Be careful that you do not buy a brush that has only a few boar hairs in conjunction with a nylon majority; pay the extra costs to get yourself one made with 100% boar hair.

You can do this twice per day if you like, or just once right after the shower, to enjoy a healthier look.

using beard oil will make your beard soft

Fun Tip:

If you really want to deeply condition or moisturize your beard, you can treat yourself. Fill a large bowl or container with hot water. Take a warm wash cloth and have it on hand. Rub an appropriate amount of oil through your beard. Wet the cloth. Wrap it around your beard. Hold it around your beard (and even maybe on your face) until it cools down. When it cools, dunk it back into the hot water and repeat. Do this for thirty minutes. It will cause the hair follicles and skin pores to open up and absorb even more of the oil than normal. This treat can really make all the difference for your beard health.

Remember that as a beard wearer you owe it to yourself, and to those who have to look at you, to maintain your beard properly. Alleviate flyaways, keep the hair healthy, and rely on beard oil to kick in some added moisture.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post & have found it useful in helping you determine how to apply beard oil if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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