How To Grow Facial Hair Thicker

how to grow facial hair thicker

How to Grow Facial Hair Thicker

In this post we’ll discuss how to grow facial hair thicker. Other than being seen as a symbol of your virility as a man, the beard can also be grown as part of your hairstyle. However, beards do not simply grow on every man’s chin and cheeks; it takes time and proper care for one to grow a perfect beard. If you are looking for a way to grow thicker facial hair you are lucky, we can’t make facial hair grow longer any quicker but we can make it look & grow thicker.

Grow Facial Hair Thicker

How to grow facial hair thicker is a question we are constantly asked so we thought we’d address the issue, first things first, we’re assuming you’ve landed on this page as your face isn’t producing the producing the sought after goods at the moment. Our biggest piece of advice is to be patient, if you’re new to growing facial hair give yourself at least 4 weeks. Give your face the time it needs, after 4 weeks of growth reevaluate the situation. You’ll have either surprised yourself by producing something resembling a beard or you’ll at least have given yourself a real opportunity to see where you’re at & what your capable of producing. If you’re stuck at this stage, we’ll discuss the factors on what can affect your beard making capabilities and some tips on what you can do to help.

What factors can effect your beard growing skills

There are a number of things that can affect your ability to grow a thick beard, in your search for how to grow facial hair thicker we’ve given a run down of what can effect it’s thickness & what we suggest to improve it’s thickness. Primarily your testosterone levels, dihydrotestosterone, your health, nutrition, stress levels & time effect how thick your beard can get.

Testosterone, the manly hormone responsible for sex drive, muscle mass maintenance & bone density plays an important part in how to grow facial hair thicker, it’s what generates facial hair follicles to start with. The more of this hormone you have & the more sensitive you are to it the more you’re likely to be able to grow a full beard. As well as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (a byproduct of testosterone) plays a role in facial hair growth. By increasing these 2 hormones you can cultivate thicker facial hair. As well as talking about how to increase testosterone levels we’ll give you some other tips on how to grow facial hair thicker, without further ado, here’s Get It Groomed’s top tips.

Increase testosterone levels

As mentioned testosterone levels have an effect on beard growth and it’s thickness, so in order to get a thicker more manly beard we need to look at ways to increase our testosterone levels. Increasing testosterone is one of the main ways in which we can grow thicker facial hair.

How to grow facial hair thicker -> More testosterone = Thicker & more manly beard

  • Exercise, primarily weight lifting is one of the best ways to increase your testosterone levels naturally, compound movements that target a number of body parts are the best here, specifically squats, deadlifts, bench press & pull ups. These movements will help boost your testosterone levels significantly.
  • Diet, eating a good mixture of proteins, carbs and fats will help increase your testosterone levels, proteins such as chicken, steak, eggs & whey protein are good choices. Carbs such as brown rice, sweet potato & oats are winners. In terms of fats, stick to good fats such as avocado, almonds, olive oil & walnuts, good fats will massively help with testosterone levels.
  • Stress – stress will massively reduce testosterone levels, as it produces cortisol, as a result this will halt your beard making capabilities, try to relax when you can, get plenty of sleep & hit the gym as mentioned in point 1, hitting the gym will do wonders for stress levels.
  • Get some sun, or take a vitamin D supplement, as well as Vitamin D, fish oils and a good high quality multivitamin is recommended
  • Take some natural testosterone boosters, we recommend either Rawhonest or selPhbalance or simply some tribulus
  • For more info on increasing your testosterone levels without going overboard, as this post is about how to grow thicker facial hair, a book we thoroughly recommend is that of “Testosterone: Naturally boost your testosterone: Best long-term guide for testosterone building” by Matej Kacvinsky click here for more info on the book

  Leonidas has a nice thick beardChoose a Role Model

Growing a thicker beard might seem like a simple task but it is not; it takes both time and dedication for the beard to get to the desired length & thickness. This might seem like a silly idea but it helps nonetheless, deciding on a role model (one with a glorious full beard) will play an essential part in the process of how to grow facial hair thicker.

We call it our beardspiration, this will help you decide what it is that you want & will help keep you motivated, print off a picture of your beardspiration & look at it every week & anytime you get the urge to shave your work in progress off. It’s the same in the bodybuilding world for example, many aspiring bodybuilders will keep a pic of their idol to aspire to & when they feel low will look to it.

beard-oil-help-grow-thicker-facial-hairBeard oil & Facial Hair Solutions

Get your hands on a decent beard oil, not only will the beard oil help your facial hair smell glorious but the oil will also soak into the beard & help it grow quicker, try this beard oil as a starting point, highly recommended by us & over 4000 positive reviews on Amazon. Facial hair solutions are another thing to consider when searching for how to grow facial hair thicker.

Basically a beard oils big brother using ingredients such as kopyrrol, niacin and biotin and herb blends facial hair solutions help provide all the crucial nutrients to support natural facial hair growth.  Maxx Beard has a really good facial hair solution that is basically a 3 in 1 of Kopyrrol, Niacin & Biotin, a bottle should last 2 months & it’s easy to apply & people have even said it helps with hair growth on the head, somewhat of a wonder product check it out here & read the reviews of this quality product.

Get some rest in & reduce stress

As discussed previously stress & not getting enough sleep can massively effect your bodys ability to produce testosterone. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, if you’re sleeping enough your stress levels will typically be lower, as a result your hair in general will benefit, not just your facial hair but what’s left on top will benefit too. Getting less than enough slumber can reduce you testosterone production massively, which as a result can cause those annoying patchy areas that don’t seem to want to fill in.

Supplements can help grow thicker facial hairSupplements

Supplements can help in how to grow facial hair thicker. As well as exercise, improving your diet, getting enough sleep, beard oils & conditioners, setting a goal (beardspiration) & improving your testosterone levels through the tactics discussed there are supplements designed specifically to help stimulate the growth of facial hair. As well as a balanced diet supplements can help to grow thicker facial hair such as zinc, vitamin D & E and magnesium. In addition to these essential vitamins & minerals, a couple of supplements designed specifically for beard growth that includes these & more are Reborn Labs Beard Growth supplement & Delta Genesis Beard Grow XL, we personally recommend these two brands of beard supplements.

Once you’re at your desired thickness

Dealing with Itchiness

Once you’re on the path of growing a thicker more glorious beard, one of the main problems that you might face will be how to deal with itchiness. This irritating feeling can be too much to even lead you to stop growing your beard or do the unthinkable & shave it off!! If you trying to grow thicker facial hair, you should at the very least make sure that you wash your face with a mild cleaner on a daily basis. This will go a long way in ensuring that your skin is always clean. If the itchiness still presents itself thus turning your skin dry and red, you can use a soothing moisturizer to hydrate it and reduce the redness.

Remember that all the itchiness is a temporary step that will pass once your beard gets to a certain length. To go a step further in dealing with the itchiness, we recommend that you make it a point to massage in some beard oil or beard moisturizer, we commented on the best conditioner for beards in a previous post also, massaging in an oil, moisturizer or conditioner will help keep the skin around your beard healthy while simultaneously strengthening the beard hair. Win win!!

Phillips Norelco Beard TrimmerShaping and Maintaining

While your beard is growing one important part of the process will be shaping, taking back & the maintenance of the beard once it’s at the desired length/thickness.

Now, don’t forget the 4 week rule we discussed earlier, so don’t be tempted to try shape or take the beard back before you’ve given it at least 4 weeks to grow. It is important that you restrain from shaping or trimming your beard at an early stage, give it time to grow first. Starting to meddle with your young beard will lead to a poor looking beard due to the fact that individual hairs grow differently. When the beard is of the right length, choose a style that you would like (possibly from your beardspiration) and start the trimming process.

We’d advise that initially you head to a barber to help them shape your beard if it is your first time growing a beard, once it’s styled & shaped you can go ahead & purchase a decent beard trimmer, we talk more about the best beard trimmers in a previous post. It’s recommended you take a look before making that all important decision. However if you can’t be bothered reading the whole post we highly recommend the Phillips Norelco for as the best value for money.


To conclude on this post on how to grow facial hair thicker, once you grow thicker facial hair and shaped it as you like, you will still need to make sure that you maintain the new look. Using a gentle shampoo to wash your beard every other day is going to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition at all times. As well as a gentle shampoo invest in some decent beard oil & a good trimmer to keep it in shape.

We hope this post on how to grow facial hair thicker has been useful, let us know how you get on, if you have some additional tips or tricks let us know in the comments sections.

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