How to make your beard soft – Want a beard that’s as soft as a cloud?

How to Make Your Beard Soft – A step by step guide

While ruggedly handsome is a term of endearment, rugged beard hair is not. Bristles as hard and pointy as pine trees are a huge turn off. In all fairness, the more intricate aspects of maintaining soft, luxurious hair are often a female secret, something traded from mother to daughter, not from mother to son, or father to son. For this reason, men are often unaware of what causes hardened beard hair, or that they can change it to something soft and playful. In this article we’re going to discuss why beard hair becomes tough but also how to make your beard soft.

There are many reasons why hair becomes firm to the touch. The main reason is being too dry. Dry hair becomes harder, more like bristles. The same way you need to constantly consume water to remain hydrated, your hair needs to be hydrated too. Dry beard hair leaves your beard susceptible to split ends, abrasive ends that stray out in all different directions, often opposite of where you want them to veer. Finally, attending to your beard too frequently, or infrequently can exacerbate the issues in it.

how to make your beard soft

Striking the right balance takes effort. So, how can you make your beard soft?

It all starts with diet. The outside of your body is a reflection on what you put into it. Your skin and hair are the last parts of the body to reflect your inner health, which means that getting soft hair and glowing skin is a reflection upon top rate health for the rest of your systems. That said, soft beard hair can be improved with foods that are high in vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids.

In terms of external care, start by giving your beard the same hygienic treatment you give the rest of you. You should be shampooing the beard between three and five times per week. Beard hair is slightly different than that on top of your head insofar as you are regularly consuming food, talking (where spit might be a high flyer), and otherwise exposing your beard hair to particles and bacteria that the top of your head never sees. So while it might be fine to give your hair a day or two of rest, giving your beard hair a day or two of rest results in things like yesterday’s breakfast particles lingering all the longer.

soften beard

Shampoo and Condition

When you do set out to wash (and hopefully condition) your hair, you need to be sure you rinse thoroughly. Shampoos are designed to remove particles and debris from your hair while conditioner is designed to add moisture and other helpful ingredients back into your hair. However, both only work their magic in the moment. Leaving them in overnight does nothing to increase their effectiveness. So rinse everything out thoroughly.

In terms of which shampoo and conditioner to use, just be cognizant of what your beard/skin needs. Milder shampoos are always better because they won’t strip the hair of essential oils, and certain conditioners are high in essential oils to alleviate dryness. Read the room, figure out what your skin and hair need most, then search for that product.

Which Ones to Buy…

Balms and Oils

Beyond regular shampoo and conditioner, your beard will thank you if you use beard oil and beard balm. These products are meant to improve the quality and strength of your beard. Once you finish your washing and drying routine, a few drops of beard oil combed through your hair will lock in the moisture your hair desperately needs to stay soft. What’s more, these two elements are designed to nourish the skin beneath your beard too. By reaching all the way to your skin, you can alleviate dryness at the source, reduce beard itch, and keep your hair soft. At night, you can mix some beard balm into your hair covering it from the skin to the tip. Beard balm in particular will tackle split ends that are so unsightly on your beard.

Which Oils are Best…

In terms of which beard oil to buy, remember that beard oils with natural ingredients and natural oils are best suited for long term beard maintenance, check out our top 5 beard oils. The reason being, beard oil is meant to soften new beard growth while you are in the process of growing, and shape the hair you have already cultivated. Oils made with natural products will keep your beard hair healthier by circumventing the introduction of unnecessary chemicals.

In terms of which beard balm, search for something that has decent density to it, something that has natural sealants in it. Synthetic balms are not only bad for you, they are often irritants. Natural beard balms made with organic compounds are best.

With both balms and oils be aware that there are a variety of scents on the market. Many top brands market multiple scents, the source of which is essential oil. So, try some samples, test the field and see which scent you enjoy carrying around all day.

soften your facial hair


As part of your regular routine, comb your beard. The same way you should comb your hair occasionally, take care of your beard by combing it with a boar bristle brush. These brushes will cut through knots in an instant. They are also useful tools for evenly distributing the beard balm and beard oil throughout your hair, the same way they naturally distribute your natural oils. Watch dirt fly away while the brush works out the knots.

Which Brush is Best…

For brushes, you should seek out boar bristle brushes. Be careful before you buy; read up on the manufacturing and details of each brush you are considering so that you find one made entirely out of boar bristles, not only that sprinkles boar intermittently among nylon, check out our best beard brushes for more info. The reason for this is that the boar bristles are firmer, denser, and they reach the skin more effectively. In so doing they distribute your natural oils across your skin while simultaneously massaging your face and increasing blood flow. All of this contributes to healthier beard hair.

Conclusion – How to make your beard soft

Overall, you can take big steps toward improving the health of your hair and maintaining a soft beard by paying attention to what you eat. At the source of healthy hair is a healthy diet. Beyond that, you want to maintain your hair with regular shampooing, conditioning, and treatment using oils and balms.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to make your beard soft, you’ll have the softest beard in town in no time following the tips above.


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