How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving Your Face

How To Prevent Red Bumps after Shaving Your Face

How To Prevent Red Bumps After Shaving Face

When you are shaving your face if you have sensitive skin you could easily develop red bumps and irritation. In this post we’ll be discussing how to prevent red bumps after shaving the face.  A red bump is formed when some part of the shaving process is done wrongly or is ignored. If you want to learn how to prevent red bumps after shaving face, you need to make sure that you have a process that you follow. These red bumps look like red rashes and could also cause infected blisters, bumps and pimples. The following are tips of how to avoid the dreaded red rashes:

amara-organics-facial-cleanserProper Pre-Shave Prep

If you are hoping to avoid the possibility of getting red bumps, you need to start your shaving process by thoroughly preparing your face. Take some time to wash your face with warm soapy water prior to shaving it. The moisture from washing your face will make the hairs swollen and very weak as a result the shave will be both easier and smoother. Also before you shave, you should consider using a warm towel over your face to loosen up the facial hair before you start shaving. For best results you should invest in a decent face wash that is designed for people with sensitive skin such as Amara Organics Facial Cleanser which helps to remove excess oil & dirt.

Shaving Creamhow-to-prevent-red-bumps-after-shaving-your-face-use-a-good-shaving-cream

There are some many brands of shaving cream in the market today and it is difficult to tell which is worth investing in. When looking for the best shaving cream that will help you on how to prevent red bumps after shaving face, you should go for the one that has high concentrations of both moisturizers and lubricants & that is ideally designed for people with sensitive skin. The ideal cream should be able to produce enough foam to lubrication enough for the razor to glide on your skin easily. If you want to avoid nicking yourself, you need to use a shaving cream that is rich in creamy lather, a shaving cream we highly recommend that will help avoid rashes & irritation is by Taylor of Bond Street, click here for more info, alternatively a cheaper yet highly effective shaving cream for sensitive skin is by Nivea for men.

how-to-prevent-red-bumps-after-shaving-your-face-use-a-sharp-razorImportance of a Sharp Razor

If you really want to just have a clean and close shave without having any red bumps, you need to make sure that you are using the best tools for the job. A sharp razor blade that is of good quality will do the job of preventing red bumps. When shaving with a dull razor you put your skin under a lot of trauma which leads to razor burns. A new sharp razor blade will be able to glide easily on the lubricated beard and cut it down safely, consider using a safety double edge razor, ideal for beginners & you can cheaply & easily replace blades once they are blunt.


If your beard is tough and you are looking for how to prevent red bumps after shaving face, you should change your razor blades more often to ensure that your shaver does not get blunt. Blunt razors are not very good for shaving for they end up pulling and tugging your hair instead of cutting it. With the right shaving cream and a shaving razor with a sharp blade, you will be able to trim and cut your facial hair without getting any red bumps when you are done.

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