How to shave your head bald?

How to shave your head bald?

How to shave your head bald

Being bald doesn’t have to be a bad thing like they tend to say. As a matter of fact, it can be considered a fashionable detail. Many people consider that “being bald” is a hairstyle, so what’s the big fuss?

Anyhow, there are also numerous reasons why people decide to shave their heads bald – some people look really good this way, some people suffered severe hair loss, while some simply wish to shave for other reasons.

Whatever your reason for shaving your head is, and if you never shaved before, don’t think that it’s a trivial matter. You can’t mess it up too bad, bad you could injure yourself if you do not focus and follow the guidelines we will provide. Let’s get this thing on the move!

Choose which shaving products you will use

There are a lot of different shaving products, and many categories as well. You could choose between the shaving foam, shaving soaps, and other shaving products when the foam is in question, and you can choose between a manual and the electric razor. There is a drastic difference between any combination of the aforementioned products, and we will review each of them.

If you have decided to go with the shaving foam

Keep in mind that this is the fastest option, but it doesn’t provide the advantages that the shaving soap does. The shaving foam is easily applied and gathered, but its composition is inferior to that of the shaving soaps.


  • Faster shave;
  • Ideal if you are in a hurry;
  • Doesn’t require a lot of practice and time;


  • No special advantages like scent, healing factors, and such;

shaving to baldIf you have decided to go with the shaving soap

This is the best option if you have any experience with these products, as they require more focus and time. However, they also provide you with the healing factors that are often a part of their composition, as the manufacturing process of the shaving soaps often includes special vitamins and oils that are nutritive and healthy. Most of these products also encourage the growth of hair.


  • Special vitamins and oils;
  • Very nutritive and healthy;
  • Better results by a longshot;


  • Require at least some experience to use;
  • Takes up a lot of time, focus, and concentration;

If you opted for a manual razor

These razors are very sharp and dangerous to use, but they are the most effective way of shaving your head bald. They will remove even the tiniest hairs from your scalp, leaving a shiny finish. Keep in mind that they also require some practice before they can be used, as your safety is very important, and cuts made by manual razors are very hard to staunch.


  • Perfect, shiny finish. There is no alternative when it comes to this, as only manual razors are capable of it;
  • Require no electricity to use;
  • Require fewer passes in order to complete the shaving process;


  • Very hard to use, as they require some practice prior to shaving;
  • They are potentially dangerous as they are very sharp;
  • Cuts made by the manual razors can cause severe bleeding that is very hard to stop;

Shaving your head guide

If you opted for an electric shaver

This is a perfect solution for anyone who has no experience in shaving, as there are virtually no mistakes that you can make that can’t be undone. These shavers are safer, although they are not 100% safe, easier to use, but they can’t give you the perfect finish like the manual razors, however they can give you a close shave, check out our post on which electric razor gives the closest shave for more info on these.


  • Very fast;
  • They do not require practice prior to using;
  • They are much safer to use than manual razors;


  • Require electricity in order to be used;
  • They can’t give you the perfect finish like the manual razors;

Know that we have considered the options, we could recommend you two possible combinations that are best for shaving your head bald. These are the use of electric shavers with a shaving foam, and the use of manual razors with the shaving soap.

Using the electric shaver with a shaving foam

You could, theoretically, use a shaving soap instead of a foam, but it is much more practical this way. The electric shaver is faster, and the application of the shaving foam is best done by hands, which is also the quicker way. This is the perfect combination for starters, as you will do the job in the fastest way possible, without having to fear that you will injure yourself.


  • This is the faster way, as the electric razors are faster than manual ones, and the application of the shaving foam is done faster than the application of the shaving soap;
  • This way you are less likely to get injured;
  • Perfect for people who are inexperienced with shaving;


  • You won’t be able to get the perfect finish;
  • You will not get the special attributes that the other combination offers;

Shaving your head really short to bald

Using a manual shaver with the shaving soap

This is the combination of products that offer the best results and finish. This is also “the traditional way” of shaving your head. The shaving soap takes more time to apply, but it has regenerative properties and is less likely to irritate your skin. The manual razor will smoothly slide over it, leaving you with a perfect finish that can only be obtained this way.


  • Smooth, perfect finish;
  • Takes more time, but the results are far better;
  • The “traditional way” of shaving your head;


  • Ideal for people who have at least some experience with shaving their head;

General tips on how to shave your head

You will need to remove all of your hair by using scissors or the electric shaver. This is best done while your hair is wet, as the hairs will offer less resistance. After that, apply the shaving foam or the shaving soap across the entire surface of your head.

There is no such thing as too much foam or soap, as all of it will be removed with the first pass. Apply this method to any of the combinations we have mentioned beforehand, and you will easily shave your head bald.

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