How to stop beard itch – A step by step guide

how to stop beard itch

How to stop beard itch

One of the biggest complaints that gentlemen exchange after growing their beard is the itch, in this article were going to give you a step by step process on how to stop beard itch. Growing a beard brings with it a multitude of benefits, not only for your health but for the ladies. Of course, with a fully grown beard comes the ever-displeasing risk of beard itch. For some guys, the extreme itch can be intense enough to evoke thoughts of shaving it off entirely.

So why do you get beard itch?

Knowledge is power and the knowledge behind beard itch gives you power to overcome it.

Your beard itches because of shaving. Shaving changes the structure of the hair. When you stop shaving and start growing out a beard, it gets irritated. The hair is growing the way it should normally, but if you have shaved regularly until this point, your hair will tread on unfamiliar ground, which can take some getting used to. What’s more, your new facial hair will leave the skin beneath dry which can result in flakiness and itchiness.

Finally, beards collect debris. As you walk, the wind blows, and you live your life, your beard hair will attract things from food particles to dead skin to dust. There is no avoiding it.

That being said, the next bit of power is knowing what to do to counter the source.

avoiding beard itchiness

How to stop beard itch – step by step

Start with regular cleaning. For many men, the idea of shampooing and conditioning hair seems foreign enough because it involves two steps, not one, and let’s face it, modern men don’t often conditioner their hair unless the bottle on sale was a “2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner”. So naturally the idea of shampooing and conditioning beard hair is all Greek to most men.

Unfortunately, given the array of debris, food particles, and bacteria your beard accumulates in a given day, it is imperative to clean it regularly. On average, five days per week you should start by shampooing and conditioning your facial hair. Wash, rinse, and repeat. It is best to try to wash at a minimum, every other day. Washing too often strips your hair of the natural oils it needs leaving it dry, prone to dandruff, and itchier. Washing infrequently leaves a mess of food particles and dead skin cells hanging around.

When you wash your beard, use your hands to get the shampoo or conditioner all the way through. Be extensive. Make sure it reaches every strand, from top to bottom, all the way to your skin. Shampoo cleans away the unwanted things and conditioner puts back in the hydration your beard needs to alleviate itch.

Take things one step further with a moisturizing agent. Conditioner might not be enough if you have an unhealthy diet, if you are prone to dry skin, if you live in an area with high winds or colder weather, etc… For many reasons, conditioner may be inadequate in supplying your beard hair with the hydration it needs.

In times like these, turn to beard balms and oils. Oils can be introduced into your hair after you shower, and balms can be massaged into your hair at night before bed. In either case, the product should keep your beard free from itch by preventing too much or too little oil production.

Note that all of the items you might turn to in order to reduce beard itch come with different scents. Whether you are buying shampoo, conditioner, beard balm, or beard oil, there are a variety of essential oils that companies include in their mixes to give off a certain smell. You might not like all of the smells so try to find a scent you prefer before you start buying from a source. Smelling like patchouli might not be your thing.

The best way to use oil is to apply a small amount of it over your entire beard. Then place a wet towel with hot water around your beard. Let it sit there until the towel cools. It is recommended that you keep a bowl or container of hot water on hand so that as it cools, you can re-dip into the hot water. Doing this will enable you to keep the towel wrapped around your beard for thirty minutes. Once this is done, rinse your beard clean. The hot water here is designed to open up the hair and skin follicles such that the oils really have time to seep inside and hydrate.

Keep things trim. Just like your normal hair, you need to trim down your beard if you want to alleviate some of the itch. A fully grown beard needs trimming on a regular basis. Unkempt beards with flyaways, split ends, and dryness are prone to higher rates of beard itch.

step by step guide to stop beard itch

You can start off by cutting off the excess hair that sticks out beyond control. Remove any ingrown hairs with tweezers. These manifest in the form of little red bumps and a sincere itch. Tweezing ingrown hairs prevents them from getting worse, growing further inward, and causing excessive itch. Electric razors or safety blades are better suited for sculpting fully grown beards because they are gentler on the skin.

Be sure to brush your beard too. Using a boar bristle brush, work your way through the knots and tangles. Your body naturally produces oil along each hair follicle. For this reason, your hair gets oilier with time. That oil is essential for hydrated hair. Brushing any hair, including beard hair, helps to move those oils throughout the hair evenly and equally. This keeps all of the hair healthier. Boar bristles are sturdier and firmer than normal bristles, perfect for the coarser facial hair comprising your beard, even beard hair, is at its weakest when wet, so brushing right out of the shower leaves you susceptible to split ends and damaged hair. Brush your hair after a shower, once the hair has dried naturally.

Overall, knowing how to stop beard itch can help save the life of your precious beard. Regular maintenance, trimming, washing, and moisturizing, all play an important role in this life saving act. So take care of your beard and soon enough, you won’t even remember what beard itch feels like.

Conclusion – How to stop beard itch

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on how to stop beard itch, hopefully it has been useful, if you have any other tips on how to stop beard itch please comment below for everyone to see.


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