How to use ear hair removal cream

Ear Hair Removal Cream for Men

How to Use Ear Hair Removal Cream for Men

As a man, having some hair on your body is not really a call for concern; however, when the hair starts to grow in your nose and ears, it’s time to get your hands on some ear hair removal cream for men. Take it from us, women don’t mind a beard or a 5 O’Clock shadow, but when the ears & nose start to get hairy you’re creeping into old man territory & the ladies do not like this.

There are several different ways you can choose from when it comes to ear hair removal cream, when you decide to use ear hair removal cream or a laser, you need to be very careful, some chemicals can be irritating to your skin and as a result should not be applied on sensitive places such as the ears. Some of the macho men among us actually burn off their ear hair instead of tweezing or waxing it off, good on them, however we’re looking for a less intrusive solution to our hair lugs. If you have a steady hand, you can opt to trim your ear hair however our preferred method is actually to use hair removal cream specifically designed to rid our ears of hair. Read on for what to consider when using ear hair removal cream & what we recommend.

Three steps to easy to rid your ears of hair using Ear Hair Removal Cream for Men

Below are three of the main steps that it takes to use ear hair removal cream. If you are doing this for the first time, don’t worry, just follow the steps below & you’ll be all good:

  1. Cream Test

    There are a number of ear hair removal creams designed for both men and women and some might be harmful to you. If you are not sure if you are allergic, it would be wise to carry out a test first. Take some of the cream and apply a small patch on your arm. Follow the instructions on the container and observe any changes that might or might not occur. This test plays a very important role in your process of removing your ear’s hair with creams. It helps to prevent any serious damage should the cream you purchase have some harmful ingredients in it.

  2. Applying the Cream

    Now that you are sure that the ear hair removal cream for men you have is not harmful to your skin, you can go ahead and apply it. However, you need to keep in mind that the inner parts of your ears are more sensitive than the outer ones; do not let any cream get to your inner ear canal. Checking the ingredients of the ear hair removal cream that you plan on applying is very important. This will help you to avoid using products that have some ingredients that might be harmful to you.

  3. Ears Rinsing

    Once you are done with the application of the cream on both your ears, you need to let it work. When you purchase whichever brand of ear hair removal cream you like, it will come with some guidelines. Make sure that you do not let the cream stay on your ears longer than the manufacturer’s advices you on the user manual. You should use clean water to wash and rinse off the cream that you used on your ears. Once your ears are clean, use a dry towel to dry them up and you are good to go.

If you are not looking for a permanent solution like the use of laser, you should be trimming your ear hair on regular basis. Using hair removal cream for men is a much efficient and inexpensive way although it depends on the quality of the cream that you can afford to purchase, one that we really like & that have found to be good is the Wow Hair Vanish for Sensitive Skin, specifically designed for sensitive areas this cream has served its purpose many times for us when removing annoying ear hair.

Alternatively, a really good ear trimmer to get rid of ear hair if you don’t want to use cream is the Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer it comes with a vacuum cleaning system & isn’t overly priced

Let us know your thoughts below & what you guys like to use to remove your unwanted ear hair.

Hope this post has been useful.

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