Male Facial Hair Waxing – How To Do It

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Male Facial Hair Waxing

Waxing, as a lot of you may or may not know is one of the most common procedures for hair removal, typically not so much for us guys however, unless you resemble a bit of a grizzly bear. In this post we’re going to discuss male facial hair waxing. Waxing can help prevent hair growth for a fairly long time, typically it provides four to six weeks of unwanted hair, most of the time if us males do reach for the wax it’s typically to get rid of unwanted body hair i.e hairy back, shoulders etc. Now what if we told you that there are guys out there using wax to remove their facial hair…! Would you believe us? Well read on as it’s true & we have investigated the best way to do it & also if it is worth it!

Male facial hair waxing is something of a new phenomenon, we don’t think our grandfathers were that into & may we suggest you don’t mention it to them. The sheer thought of it is enough to make you pack your bags & run for the hills as you can image it’s a little painful. However we wanted to delve a little deeper into this new method of removing facial hair & weigh up the pros & cons.

Decided to wax his arms as well....

Decided to wax his arms as well….

So what are the benefits of waxing your facial hair?

Well…firstly, if you dislike shaving then you could turn to waxing, as mentioned above waxing will typically provide four to six weeks of life without hair, work that out over the course of a year & you’re looking at about 8-13 waxes a year, compare that to shaving every day or every other day 182 – 365 times a year. That’s a whole lot of time saved!!

Anyway lets get on with it…so, the hot wax eliminates the hair alongside the follicle this means that your face will be a lot smoother than it would be after shaving. As well as the time without any hair, the hair that will grow back will typically be thinner & lighter as well, making it less noticeable & future waxes less painful. Obviously there are benefits to male facial hair waxing, however the biggest disadvantage you’re going to face (no pun intended) is the pain. As well as the initial discomfort, expect some redness & bumps afterwards as you’d expect from waxing any area on your body.

Some other Pros & Cons before we get into the how towaxing-the-beard-can-be-painful

Advantages of waxing your face

If you wax repeatedly the hair becomes softer and thinner.

Waxing doesn’t irritate the skin the same way shaving can (especially with a blunt razor) and will not result in itching and rashes.

It can be done at home & is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages of waxing your face

It’s somewhat painful. However this won’t last too long & gets less painful each time you do it!

It will take some getting used to.

male-facial-hair-waxing-moom-for-menHow to wax your face

First of all, do not shave facial hair for a week or two. If  you have a beard or mustache,trim it down to about a quarter an inch in length. If you don’t have any facial hair present you should let it grow to about a quarter of an inch before considering waxing.

Before waxing we recommend you take a long warm shower or get a warm washcloth & hold it over your face for a few minutes, this will weaken the hair & help to relax your face, making the waxing itself less painful.

Now, onto the waxing, warm the wax as per the directions, a kit that we can recommend is the Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit which is specifically designed for coarse hair, to make your life easier we also suggest you get your hands on a wax warmer such as the Gigi Wax Warmer. If you don’t want to invest in a wax warmer depending on what works best for you we recommend you could heat the wax in a microwave or in a mug with hot water surrounding it. While you heat the wax up, pat your face dry from your shower or washcloth.

Now onto the application, place some of the wax onto the applicator that you get with the kit. Angle the applicator in a way that will allow the wax to flow a bit, try to avoid big clumps of wax collecting on the applicator. This can be done by tilting the stick in a downward direction and then directing it back upside down until most of the wax is spread over the stick.

Now spread the wax over a small area on the face, try to apply evenly & avoid making the wax too thin, this will male facial hair waxing gigi wax warmerprevent the hair from sticking to the strips correctly. Give the wax about 30 seconds to dry & take hold then pull the hardened wax off the skin sideways in quickly, try not to pull it off straight if you can to avoid any unnecessary pain.

Repeat this process until all areas are waxed & you’re face is hair free.


You can either use some olive oil or a post wax lotion like Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil squeeze a decent amount on to some cotton wool & rub over your face, this will help calm the skin down & nourish it as well.

After you’ve rubbed some decent olive oil or your post wax lotion on grab a towel or a flannel & wet it with cold water then hold it over your face for a minimum of 5 minutes, this will cool your face & will also help reduce the redness.

If you’re keen on male facial hair waxing & if you don’t want to go with a kit, as it can prove better value for money in the long run buying everything separately here’s what you’ll need:

Wax – Moom For Men Organic Hair Remover Wax made for men, makes it seem more manly!!!

Fabric Strips –  Moom Fabric Strips

Applicators – Graham Spa Essentials 3.5 inch Make-up and Waxing Applicators these are a bit smaller than your typical applicators making them ideal for use on the face.

Optional – A Hot Wax Warmer – As well as the Gigi wax warmer we discussed above the Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Wax Warmer is also highly recommended & slightly cheaper.

Olive Oil or a post wax lotion – Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil will help soothe your skin.

We hope this post has been useful, let us know how you get on & if you’re going to give male facial hair waxing a go.


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