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most expensive electric shaver

Most expensive electric shaver

Ever wondered what it would feel like to own the most expensive electric shaver in the world? Well, to be honest, there isn’t really a single word to explain the feeling you get when you get your hands on one of these bad boys. We’re not 100% sure it’s actually the most expensive electric shaver out there but it certainly was the most expensive we could find & it’s gold so we had to get it.

It’s called the “Philips Shaver series 9000 SensoTouch wet & dry electric shaver RQ1297/23 24K Gold Plated UltraTrack & GyroFlex 3D Trimmer & Styler Jet Clean” and it’s priced at a mere $950 on Amazon, click here fore more info! While you would think “who would want to spend $950 dollars on a shaver”, think again, because we decide to go for it, albeit, there’s a few argument s as to who’s taking it home from Get It Groomed HQ. But as of right now there are only 10 of these pieces left in stock!

If it’s the most expensive electric shaver in the world, then it ought to come with some fancy features as well. Here are the some of the most exciting features that the Philips Shaver Gold Plated electric shaver has to offer.

Cool Features of the most expensive electric shaver

  1. This is a limited edition SensoTouch 3D shaver which means, at $950 it’s a classic worth having for your collection.
  2. Intricately handcrafted with 24 carat gold plating makes this one of the most beautiful shavers to not only look at but also work with.
  3. The perfect embodiment of luxury shaving with the perfect features, beautiful look and expensive feel.
  4. Every angle of your face will be accounted for because the Phillips GyroFlex 3D system makes sure to adjust with every curve hence following every contour of your face without any hassle.
  5. Having complete control over the shaver allows for diligent precision and that is exactly what this shaver has to offer to its users.
  6. With 5 length settings to choose from, the most expensive electric shaver makes sure to grab every single hair without you having to shave over it multiple times.
  7. Whether you are dry shaving or wet, you will not have any irritation or skin issues post shave.
  8. The Shaver comes with an automatic JetClean system that not only cleans and adequately lubricates the shaver but also charges it for later use.
  9. While you may need to purchase an additional plug adapter but otherwise your shaver guarantees optimal run time of 60 minutes at least with power saving and only a total of 5 watts power consumption.

At $950, the most expensive electric shaver guarantees a brilliant luxurious shaving experience that you will never be able to get over. While the price itself may be somewhat intimidating, but with the features that this shaver has to offer, we believe it’s definitely worth the price! Since the shaver itself is a collectibles item with only limited number of pieces available in the market, there are not many customer reviews about it online.

If you are thinking of spending some good money on a long lasting electrical shaver then you should definitely check this one out, click here to be taken to the Amazon product page, alternatively if you’ve decided $950 is too much we suggest some of the following as an alternative.

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