Rotary Vs Foil Shavers – What’s the difference?

Rotary Vs Foil Shavers

Rotary Vs Foil Shavers – Which is best?

Rotary Vs Foil Shavers – What’s the difference

Changing a person’s opinion on something that they believe in can be a bit difficult. However, with the right information, you will not only be able to make others see things your way, but even make a better informed decision yourself. When it comes to shaving, the debate of Rotary Vs Foil shavers has been around for a bit.

Each shaver has its own strengths and weakness when it comes to the perfect shave. There are numerous brands of shavers available in the market and each comes in a an array of different designs depending on their function. Understanding the features of each brand will help you make a better choice when choosing your shaver, in this post we’ll discuss the advantages of both a rotary & a foil shaver:

phillips rotary shaverRotary Shavers

These shavers are designed with shaving heads that revolve when you are operating the machine. They typically have three discs with small openings that capture your hair while you are shaving. Inside the three discs is a very sharp razor that moves and cuts your hair at a high speed. These types of razors are good for men that have hair growing in different directions, furthermore they are very handy in shaving difficult to reach areas, ie the area between your chin & mouth.

Contours Shaving

Shaving your face can be a little bit tricky if you are using a foil shaver; a rotary shaver on the other hand will have no problems at all. Unlike a foil shaver that only moves in a straight line, a rotary shaver moves in circular motions thus making it more ideal for shaving your facial contours. Most rotary shavers have heads that are capable of flexing inwards and pivoting three hundred and sixty degrees thus giving a closer shave all over your face.

Good for Thick Hair

When it comes to facial hair, if you don’t shave on a daily basis, using Rotary shavers are better suited to thicker hair making them ideal for the lazier among us that can’t be bothered shaving everyday, as mentioned above they are also good for those among us with thick or course hair that grows in all sorts of directions, ideally you’ll choose one with a flexible head & a good contouring system, such as the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 or the 9800 both feature a unique contour detect technology where each shaving head moves in 8 directions, this ensures that you shave every curve on your face. We also have a post dedicated to the best rotary electric shaver for more info on rotary shavers.

braun foil shaverFoil Shavers

This is the other style of shaver that you should consider; it is made up of a series of blades covered by a metallic foil. The metallic foil guides the hairs to the blades by raising and moving them close. It is not really that complicated to use, all you need is to keep moving it up and down or from right to lefts till you are done shaving. When deciding between Rotary vs. Foil shavers, a big thing to consider is how clean of a shave you want. Although a rotary shaver can reach difficult areas on your face, a foil shaver will provide a cleaner & closer shave.

Clean Shave

Unlike the rotary shaver, the foil shaver actually gives you a very close and clean shave as mentioned. The trick here is that with some practice you’ll know how to operate the shaver properly & will ultimately get a closer shave. You do however need to be careful when shaving with a foil shaver and make sure that you are moving the shaver in a straight line in one direction (back and forth.)

Panasonic foil shaverSensitive Skin

If you have really sensitive skin and your hair tends to grow straight and in one direction, Foil shavers are favored over rotary shavers, a decent foil shaver that we’ve talked about in a previous post is the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver. Although it’s pretty expensive it does feature a charging station & is also self cleaning, ideal if you have sensitive skin as built up hair & dead skin will cause more irritation, however this wont happen with the Braun. For a cheaper foil shaver that we also highly rate try the Panasonic ES8103S Arc3.


Depending on what you’re looking for & the shape of your face can determine if a rotary or a foil shaver is best for you. If you have a “curvy” face & have a “bum chin” (we’re trying not to be mean) a rotary is better for you, furthermore we’d pick a rotary over a foil if you tend to have thicker hair that grows in various directions. Alternatively if you have sensitive skin & a fairly “uncurvy” face with hair that’s not as thick & grows in once direction, we recommended a foil shaver.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on Rotary Vs Foil Shavers, let us know in the comments section below which you prefer & why.

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