Safety Double Edge Razor, Why you should buy one

safety double edge razor

Safety Double Edge Razor, why you should buy one

It is only fair that when you are shopping for a shaving razor, you settle only for the very best. Some of the many ways of getting rid of hair include waxing, using scissors, razors, and creams among others. If your preference is in using razors, you will have to choose between a safety or a disposable razors. To find the best razors, you need to understand how they work & what you’re looking for. This will help you know how efficient they are and if they are worth their price. Regardless of whether you prefer to use a disposable razor, don’t shave or simply use a trimmer, we think that a safety double edge razor is a piece of  kit you need in your grooming arsenal, the following are some reasons why you should consider buying a safety double edge razor:

Numerous Styles

Some shaving equipment looks very impressive but are usually tucked away in your drawers when not in use. Most safety razors are also great works of art and can be displayed in the bathroom. Most disposable razors are designed simply because they are to be used and then disposed. However, DE safety razors are designed to be used for a long time and thus are made better and more durable. The wide range of designs and styles ensures that you are able to have several different types and styles of razors. One design can get boring after using it for a long time so could potentially have a large collection & switch them up from time to time.

Quality Shave

Using numerous blades at the same time as in disposable razors is not always very efficient. Numerous blades increase the chances of irritation on your skin when you are done shaving. A safety double edge razor will offer a much superior shave. This razor achieves a greater shave due to the sharper blades and razor design. When your skin is exposed to one blade at a time, your skin will suffer fewer traumas while you are shaving. If you are new to the use of safety razors, you should take it slow while shaving and always make sure that you are using a high quality shaving cream such as Cremo Original Shave Cream.

Cost of Safety Double Edge Razor

One thing that you need to always consider when shopping is the price of the product. When shopping for razors, you should consider a DE safety razor  as it’s a very economical way of shaving. Unlike disposable razors where you have to keep replacing them, here you will only be replacing blades worth pennies. This makes the cost of safety razor very attractive and affordable for any one who might be looking to purchase one.


Regardless of anyone elses opinion we think the safety double edge razor is a really cool razor and is super manly, it encompasses everything about this site, if you haven’t got one yet, we think  you should start your collection now. Some of our favorites are below, let us know if you use one & what your favorite is:





Shaveology – Double Edge Safety Razor Kit









Vikings Blade – The Godfather Safety Razor 









Edwin Jagger Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor





Parker 99R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor




Parker 99R – Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor





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