Safety Razor Vs Disposable


Safety Razor Vs Disposable

In this post we’ll talk about safety razor vs disposable, the pros & cons of both. When it comes to shaving, a couple of options to consider are the disposable or the safety razor. If you are torn between the uses of safety razor vs disposable razor, you need to understand their differences first. These will help you know which one works efficiently and does not cost you a whole lot of money over time.When it comes to the products that you use at home or at work, durability and good quality help you to save some money in the long run so a safety razor is probably what you’re looking for long term. For convenience a disposable is probably more up your alley, anyway without further ado, let’s look at both in detail.

safety razor vs disposableDisposable Razors


  • Hygienic and Safe
    When shaving with razors, you need very sharp and hygienic blades for the best and safest shave. Using disposable razors means that you will be able to change the blades instantly once they start to get blunt. This means that you will always have very hygienic and sharp blades whenever you are shaving.
  • Easy to Use
    Unlike the safety razors which require time and practice to learn, the disposable razor is way easier to use. You only need to apply some shaving cream and then use the razor to run over the areas that you want to shave. This will go a long way in reducing the number of nicks that you will get while shaving.


  • Expensive
    When comparing safety razor vs. disposable razor, the disposable ones will get quite expensive given that you have to keep replacing the blades after every few shaves. Most of them are made of cheap plastic which might make them seem cheap, after years of using a disposable razor, you will end up spending more money.
  • Bad for the Environment
    Disposable razors are not made of biodegradable materials; this makes the constant disposing of razors harmful to the environment since they do not breakdown. Investing in more green ways is better than sticking with one that is bad for the environment.

A good disposable razor

If you are set on using a disposable razor our recommendation is the Gillette Mach3, click here for more info on this razor.

Safety Razorssafety-razor-v-disposable

If you have been using disposable razors, there are some very compelling benefits of safety razors that you should consider. These benefits are very attractive especially when you are shopping for shaving blades for the first time. One of our favourite safety razors is the Merkur long handled safety razor, check it out here, over 4000 amazon reviews.


  • Cleaner Shave
    Safety razors have some great weights which help them do most of the shaving work. You do not have to pull them across your face like the cheap plastic disposable razors. This heftiness of the razors will leave you with a cleaner, smoother shave. The blade extends to the very edges thus giving you more precision while shaving.


  • Frequent Nicks
    If you are not well accustomed to using safety razors, chances of nicking yourself are very high. These nicks are as a result of weight of the razor and the sharpness of the blade mixed with lack of enough experience. Safety razors are shaving kits that are finely tuned. If you are used to disposable razors, they will feel strange on for some weeks.


When deciding on which razor to buy, you should consider all the pros and cons found when matching safety razor vs. disposable razor. Do not be fooled by the low prices of a disposable razor that will end up being more expensive in the long run.

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