Shaving Without Razor Burn – A Step By Step To Avoid The Burn

shaving without razor burn

Razor Burn Is Not Fun

Shaving Without Razor Burn

In this post we’re going to discuss shaving without razor burn, how you can avoid irritation & spots post-shave. Unfortunately for us men it is more common for us to experience the dreaded razor burn than it is for our female counterparts, as we have to (well…we don’t have to) shave our faces. Women will get razor burn too however, it’s usually somewhere that is tucked away and in more inconspicuous areas i.e bikini region, underarms etc. Which is why it’s super important for us guys to get it right.

After you shave you’ll usually feel pretty good about yourself, however give it a few minutes & if you haven’t shaved using the correct technique & tools you’ll end up with “razor burn” but how can you shave without  razor burn? Keep reading.

What is Razor Burn?

Razor Burn can appear like a small red rash, bumps & can lead to infected pimples & or blisters. Razor burn can also create an itchy stingy feeling causing discomfort on the skin for several days. Minor cases can lead to discomfort and reddish skin for some hours. As well as the discomfort it brings, it doesn’t exactly look very appealing.

so….how to shave without razor burn

So first of all either have a warm shower or place a warm & wet towel over your face for at least 5 minutes. This is an important step to having a smooth & comfortable shave without razor burns or irritation. Research shows that facial hair absorbs moisture up to 30% of its volume & swollen hair becomes weaker and easier to cut.

Use a standardized Shaving Creamshaving cream can help with razor burn

There are a number of shaving creams out there but we highly suggest you use one with a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers such as Cremo Original Shave Cream which is one of the best on the market, unusually it only requires a very thin foam free layer, it creates a rich creamy lather and does not foam up like cheaper alternatives, the cream has a number of natural moisturizers such as macadamia seed oil, Aloe, & Olive leaf extract. If this cream doesn’t tickle your fancy, look for one that will trap the moisture into the whiskers, making them soft and upright, ready for the cut. Ideally, the shaving cream you use should be left on your face for at least a minute or so in order to moisturize your facial hair further. Using the best shaving cream, results in less scraping, less irritation, less resistance and fewer nicks, all in all less razor burn.

shaving brushes help with razor burnUse a Shaving Brush

You can’t undermine the importance of shaving brush in helping with shaving without razor burn. The primary purpose of a shaving brush is to help get an even amount of shaving cream lathered across your face, but a shaving brush can also raise the hairs so they are primed for shaving, as a result, a closer cut is achieved. Finally, it helps reduce chances of blemishes and razor burns by helping to remove dead skin cells. When using a brush apply the shaving cream in a spherical motion or against the grain to straighten push the hairs upwards/outwards. If you haven’t got a decent shaving brush yet, take a look at the Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush, it’s fairly cheap & very popular both among us & the general population.

Use a Quality Razor and Change the Blades Regularly

This goes without saying! Use a high quality sharp razor blade at all times, take a look at our best straight razor for beginners post or our best single blade razor for shaving for some inspiration, avoid using multiple blade disposables, chances are on of the blades will be blunt, this alone will cause razor burn. A dull blade creates more resistance and will typically up root hairs rather than cutting them, this is also a big cause of ingrown hairs.

Shave with the grain

There’s always someone that will tell you to shave in the opposite direction of the grain, next time, tell them where to go & to educate themselves. Yes… it can give a closer shave but it will only hinder you in your quest for shaving without razor burn, it has three big problems that aren’t worth it:

a) It’s painful & you’re more likely to nick yourself

b) It’s the principal cause of skin rashes & skin irritation resulting in razor burn when you shave.

c) It leads to high chances of cutting off hair below the skin surface, causing an ingrown hair.

To prevent these shaving difficulties & skin irritations, shave “with the grain” (in the direction of your hair growth). Different people have different growth patterns. You can let yours grow for a day to know the direction if you aren’t sure.

When shaving with a sharp blade, do not exert too much pressure, the temptation will be to push down on your face, instead use the weight of your razor to apply some subtle pressure, don’t push.

When you’re shaving, start with the sides, your mustache area & finally the chin. The chin hairs are typically the thickest & strongest, by leaving them til last it gives them more time to soften under the shave cream.

Rinse the blade frequently

Before you start shaving and then after every few swipes, you should rinse your blade under hot water. This eliminates the accumulated shaving cream, dead skin and hair, that could inhibit a clean cut. Hot water is used here to aid in lubrication & help in killing bacteria.

Do not over shave the same area

You may want to re-shave given areas after the first pass, – but be careful. Over repeated shaving over the same area is a very common cause of razor burn. Alternatively if you want an even closer shave you should reapply additional lather from your brush to the areas you wish to do a re-shave to keep everything moisturized.

Rinse the blade properly before you store it

You definately need to rinse your blade thoroughly before you put it away, this is to get rid of shaving cream, oils, and hairs that can accumulate & grow bacteria, think of your next shave. Once you’ve rinsed your razor, give it a shake, but avoid wiping the blade with a towel or tissue – that will it dull faster instead let it air dry.

a good moisturizer helps with razor burnCleanse and Soothe After Shaving

After shaving you should thoroughly wash your face, remember your skin is at it’s most vulnerable so use warm water to rinse the face & use a good facial wash such as Daily Facial Cleanser for Men By Derma-nu, this will help prevent spots & shaving rash.

Once you’ve washed your face, for added protection in shaving without razor burn you should follow up with a cold water rinse of the face, using cold water will help close the pores meaning less dirt & bacteria will get into them, once you’ve rinsed with cold water you can lightly pat dry with a clean towel, avoid rubbing your face.

Finish off with an Aftershave Moisturizer

Once you’ve dried your face, you should consider using a aftershave moisturizer, the best aftershave moisturizers help replaces lost moisture, soothe, cool and refresh the skin, a aftershave moisturizer we recommend is Anti Aging Facial Moisturizer for Men By Derma-nu.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post about Shaving Without Razor Burn, hopefully it helps you avoid any irritation in the future, let us know if this post has been useful or if you have any other tips in the comments section below.


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