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The best Japanese straight razor

Japanese straight razor Whenever someone is looking for a Japanese straight razor they are typically looking for a Kamisori straight razor. This style of razor is typically does not fold like the traditional cut throat straight razors that we tend to see, unlike these cut-throats, a Japanese straight razor is typically a single …

Best Straight Razor for Beginners

Best Straight Razor for Beginners We’ve already talked about the best beginners straight razor kit however we wanted to take the opportunity to also discuss the best straight razor for beginners without an accompanying kit so to speak. After an extensive search we decided the Blunt Not Sharp – …

Beginners straight razor kit

Beginners straight razor kit There is something uniquely manly about shaving with a straight razor, most of us here personally use one, it makes up for how unmanly some of us are! It’s all about the right cuts with right precision in a uniform flow, mix that in …
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