The Top Men’s Cologne – 2017

Newsflash: People like men that smell good.

We are automatically drawn to people that smell nice. In fact, we are often drawn to them precisely because they wear a fragrance we like. This works for both men and women. I’ve met guys who had a good masculine fragrance and somehow it just makes them come across more grounded as a person. It somehow makes me like them more.

Creating Stronger Impression

Whenever you meet someone new that person will leave a particular impression without even knowing it. If that person happens to wear a fragrance that is amazing than that person ‘is in business’. We just remember people better if they smelled great.

Not surprisingly, scent is also one of the longest lasting memories you will have. We all know that chick you haven’t seen in months or even years yet when you walk down the street and smell her perfume you automatically go back in time.

That is the power of scent gentlemen.

Let’s use this power and feel GREAT.

Finding a Good Fragrance

Finding a fragrance you love can be hard. In fact there are so many fragrances out there today that finding a good one can be an epic quest. By good fragrance I refer to a fragrance that:

  • You like.
  • People you work with and surround yourself like.
  • A person you’re trying to attract likes.

It goes deeper than that though.

Finding a good fragrance also means that it matches your general personality and your perceived personality. If you are the more mysterious type (good for you) than more spicy fragrances will generally be best for you.

If you are like me you have a lighter appearance (light hair and eyes) and you will generally be perceived as a ‘refreshing’ type. Therefore, aquatic, fresh fragrances will make you feel great and they will smell amazing on you.

This is obviously not set in stone and doesn’t apply to everyone- but it will apply for the majority of guys.

Using a Fragrance

The power of a fragrance is that it almost hits the person by surprise. Only if people are standing close to you will they really notice and that is the beauty of it. Wearing a good fragrance as a man is like a nice surprise gift when you are flirting with that hottie in the bar.

Unfortunately most guys over-use a fragrance. These types piss me off in fact. They spray a fragrance ten times and it’s just too much. Remember, cologne is not a substitute for soap and a shower. Trying to cover up your stink by overusing cologne is a big no-no.

First of all, the heavy handed use of cologne can trigger unwanted physical symptoms to the people who have to smell you, including nausea, wheezing, headaches, and a slew of other issues. Aside from the physical, it can be a huge turn-off, smelling someone who seemingly bathed in their cologne – a scent should be subtle, not smelled across the room. Unless it’s the scent of freshly baked goods like bread or cookies, but that’s a whole other story.

The point: Don’t over-use a fragrance. People will hate you.

Instead, spray 2-3 times on the back and front of the neck and the top of your head. Hairs contain scents much better so that alone should make any fragrance come across balanced and you’ll be wearing it for at least 5hours.

The Best Male Fragrances

To aid you in your quest for ass-kicking fragrances I’ve made a top cologne list for men that you should definitely check out. These are fragrances that will not only make men and women fucking love you but you will also enjoy wearing and smelling the fragrance on yourself.

By the way this is based on personal experience and testing. By testing I mean that on numerous outings I would do a ‘smell test’ where I asked the people I was with to smell each fragrance and rate it on a scale of 1-10.

One other thing worth mentioning. You’ll notice that under each cologne, I’ve listed the different notes which are the scents that you might be able to pick up on after applying. This can help you figure out whether the cologne is the right fit for your personality and the season if you decide to do a blind buy (purchasing without actually smelling the scent).

Cologne notes are broken into three main classes – top, heart, and base notes which denote groups of scents that can be sensed with respect to the time after the application of a perfume.

The top notes are what you would perceive immediately after application and are what typically form a person’s initial impression of the scent they are applying. They dissipate rather quickly – the heart and base notes are typically the main theme of the cologne, with the heart notes being detected anywhere from two minutes to one hour after the application and the base notes can typically be perceived 30 minutes after application and up to 24 hours later.

Here we go.

Aqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani

This fragrance makes people weak in the knees.

One of the most popular fragrances ever – and for good reason: it smells amazing. It is a fresh aquatic scent and women adore men with this fragrance on.

A refreshing scent with notes of lime and citrus. I can’t recommend it enough. A must have for any man.

Top notes: Jasmine, Rosemary, Hespiradic Notes
Heart notes: Persimmon Fruits, Marine Notes
Base notes: Cedar, Patchouli, White Musk, Rock Rose

The One – Dolce and Gabbana

A warm and sensual scent- this One is powerful.
The idea behind this fragrance was to create a very masculine and classic fragrance that women would adore. Women love this The One.

A somewhat spicy, tobacco, citrus and amber note based fragrance. Highly suited for steamy nights.

Egoiste – Chanel

Egoiste is a unique, spicy and warm fragrance. It’s not for everyone though.
A masculine fragrance with distinctively spicy and woody smell. This is one is not for everyone- some will love it and some will hate it. This, I found this to be a good fragrance due to its uniqueness.

Main notes are cinnamon, rosewood and vanilla.

Le Male – Jean Paul Gaultier

A modern, intense and magnetic smell.
Bold, sensual and irresistible for many women out there. The balance between its freshness and its more daring notes it what makes this fragrance stand out.

It’s an aromatic, vanilla, mint and lavender based fragrance.

Roma – Laura Biagotti

A tribute to men of taste and vigor. One of my all time personal favorites.

This fragrance is strong yet fresh and as the name implies- has an Italian feel to it. It is a highly seductive yet elegant scent. Women go crazy over this one.

Top notes are grapefruit, basil, jasmine and galbanum.

Boss – Hugo Boss

A fragrance made for ass-kicking. Masculine, formal, and strong.

This fragrance from Hugo Boss is mainstream but so powerful. It is the type of fragrance you would when right before closing that ten million-dollar deal. Not only that but women in the office, but hopefully, your own business empire, will be drawn in.

A very masculine with notes of citrus, sandalwood and cedar.

Aqva – Bvulgari

Maybe, the most energetic and refreshing fragrance known to men.

I discovered this one about one year ago and I instantly loved it. It’s a marine type fragrance, fresh, dynamic, and fucking amazing. You don’t smell it a lot out on the streets and it’s a hidden gem in my opinion. One of the best male fragrances in my opinion and definitely a head turner.

Top notes are mandarin, orange and lavender.

Fahrenheit – Christian Dior

Old school style that transcends the era it came from and fits into the modern age.

This scent came out in 1988, but its classic nature is timeless, and it’s still one of the top colognes of 2017.  If you’re into dark, complex fragrances that leave you smelling manly, with a sweet undertone, then this is for you. This scent is a mix between gasoline, freshly cut grass, fresh money, and a bit of leather.

Top notes: Hawthorn, Honeysuckle
Heart notes: Sandalwood
Base notes: Lenstiscus, Styrax (Benzoin)

A*Men Ultra Zest – Thierry Mugler

Top notes: Tangerine, Blood orange, Ginger, Mint
Heart notes
: Coffee, Cinnamon, Black pepper
Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean, Patchouli

One Final Note

Of course you can go to your local fragrance store and buy them there. But there are a lot of fakes ones out there so be careful. For guys living in the US, FrangranceNet might be interesting since they have free shipping for orders over $70, offer 70% discount and have a30 day return policy. Good stuff especially for this industry.

Lastly, let me know what other fragrances YOU would recommend.

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