How to Use Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 99R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

How to Use A Double Edge Safety Razor

Using a double edge safety razor, also known as a DE Razor is a skill that takes time to master to a level where you no longer nick yourself when shaving. If you do not know how to use a double edge safety razor, you should start practicing how to use it. These razors are not only good for a clean, closer shave but they are also very cheap to maintain, they also look very cool. When looking for a safety double edge razor to invest in, it is always wise to weigh up the pros & cons first. However, some products are quite hard to be fully understood just from someone else’s opinion, you need to at least try them out yourself and come up with your own conclusion. The following is the process of how to use your double edge safety razor once you decide to take the plunge & buy one.

Handling the razor with care

Blades that are used in safety razors are pretty sharp and they can be dangerous if mishandled. The first thing that you need to know about how to use double edge safety razor, is how to handle the razor. This will help keep you free from cuts and bumps that might result from sloppy shaving. As well as handling the razor with care & part of the reason you need to be careful is that you need to use sharp razors, this gives an easier & cleaner, closer shave.

No pressure

If you are looking to shave your facial hair using a double edge safety razor for the first time, you need to be patient with it until you understand what you’re working with. Unlike when you are using cartridge razors where you need to apply some pressure to cut your hair; the safety razor is designed with enough weight & is sharp enough so that little pressure is required. Therefore, you only need to move the razor where it is needed without applying any unnecessary force. Putting pressure on the double edge safety razor while you are shaving could result in some injuries on your face.

Watch the angles

When shaving with a double edge safety razor, you need to pay attention to the angle in which you are shaving. If you open up the angle too much or too little, that is a recipe for getting nicked. Getting the right angle is paramount when dealing with a safety razor. If you do not know how to use double edge safety razor & it’s your first time, you should aim for about thirty degrees & go with the grain opposed to against it.  On your first attempt you might end up with some nicks & irritation however if you stick with it it will be well worth it, not only will you have a cleaner & closer shave but you’ll look like & feel like a boss whilst doing so.


If you are not used to a double edge safety razor, you should be prepared for some nicks here and there on your first couple of attempts however, this is something you can work on over time. If you are looking for more info on which safety double edge razor to buy we’ve posted on this & give recommendations here.

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